Tokyo Day 2: An Outdoor Festival, Another Shrine and Kobe Beef

Ok so I’ll be honest, I must have had too many gin and tonics (a new to me drink that I guess was more lethal than I’d expected), eaten too little and not had enough water the first full day in Tokyo and I felt like death the next morning.  I stayed in bed for hours and basically wasted a good part of the day.  What a dummy!  At 32 I seem to get hangovers easily if I’m not careful…lesson learned.  You can read about Tokyo day 1 and my Japan and Korea packing list in these previous posts.

Shinjuku - Tokyo - traveling in Tokyo - what to see in Japan - pink sweater blazer - sightseeing in Japan - sightseeing in Tokyo

Walmart sneakers (the savior of the trip) | high rise jeans | blush sweater blazer (the best pre-trip purchase ever, it traveled so well!) | short sleeved white t-shirt (my favorite and it’s super cheap.  I sized up to a medium.) | vinyasa scarf (best travel accessory because it can be used as a blanket or snapped up and used as an infinity scarf.  Countless ways to use it.  Mine is 8 years old)  | coat (old, Burberry)

Once I finally sucked it up get out of bed we decided to walk over to the park by our hotel.  It was a small little park called the Shinjuku Chuo Park.  It was Sunday and there was a festival promoting outdoor activities going on.  So many families were out and about and it was fun seeing the different booths that were set up.  There is a shrine inside the park so we took some time to look around it.

Shinjuku Chuo Park shrine - shrine in Tokyo - shinjuku shrine Shinjuku Chuo Park shrine - shrine in Tokyo - shinjuku shrine

We stopped back by the hotel for a while because I still wasn’t feeling great, but then I decided I was up for a little early evening walking so we headed out to a happening area in Shinjuku.

After a little fresh air we went back to the hotel and ate dinner at their upscale Japanese restaurant, Junisoh.  My stomach was still a little queazy and I wasn’t feeling adventurous, but I did want to try some Kobe beef and I can still taste the delicious steak and garlic rice that I had!  Stay tuned for Day 3!  I covered miles and miles on foot alone on the third day and had the best time!

kobe beef - tokyo hilton - junisoh restaurant at tokyo hilton - upscale japanese restaurant in tokyo

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