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Recent Thrift Store, Marketplace, and Roadside Finds

I’ve been on such a roll with finding secondhand furniture and decorative pieces lately!  It’s always been a passion of mine and the majority of our home decor and furniture has been thrifted, but my excitement for a good deal…

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Madison-Mathews Sizing Guide

I’ve shared my love for Madison-Mathews a lot the past 5 years, but I recently realized that I’ve never done a dedicated sizing guide for you.  The majority of the clothing from this Charleston-based clothing shop runs true to size,…

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Amazon Dresses for Spring

There is something about the change in the weather and the longer hours of sunlight that just makes me want to throw on a dress and spend all day outside.  Easy breezy dresses have become my favorite these past few…

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Recent Amazon Purchases, 3/10/21

Peering into someone’s Amazon cart is akin to peering into someone’s soul, don’t you think?  You can get anything and everything from this online retailer and it’s always fun to learn what others are purchasing.  Here are our Amazon purchases…

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Life Lately, 3/8/2021

Hey friends!  I haven’t shared a life update in a while so I figured it was time I shared what we’ve been up to lately and some random things the kids and I have been loving.  In no particular order,…

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Our Most Used Kitchen Items

Now that I’m in my mid-30s I’ve replaced most of the kitchen items I bought or received when I was fresh out of college.  The things we use in the kitchen now have all passed the test for functionality and…

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