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There are so many bamboo blinds on the market, but these top down bottom up bamboo blinds are the best. When you only want blinds to cover the bottom half of your window for privacy yet still want that natural light, top down bottom up blinds are the way to go! Keep reading for a discount codes on the bamboo blinds that we have.

The Best Bamboo Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

Why Buy Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

When we moved into our townhouse two years ago one of the first orders of business was to cover the windows.  We love living in an urban area, but with city living comes close neighbors and lots of street and foot traffic.  I knew I wanted privacy, but I also wanted to let in the natural light, so after lots of Googling I discovered that top down bottom up shades are a thing, and they were the perfect solution to our privacy conundrum.  I combed through all of the options I could find online and I ultimately discovered MOOD and I was impressed after reading all of their positive reviews.  We now have these top down bottom up bamboo shades on every window in the house- 22 windows to be exact- and I love them so much!  I also have them on two glass front balcony doors. Please note that this is NOT sponsored at all and I paid for all of our own shades- I just get questions about these often so though a dedicated blog post was worth writing- and after reaching out to them, code MOODxKatie will now save you 10% on your own purchase!

Where to Buy MOOD Bamboo Blinds

I had an Amazon gift card to use at the time, so I purchased all of our MOOD bamboo shades through Amazon.  I was able to message with them after placing my order to get the exact measurements I needed. I was even able to get tiny square shades made to fit the small square windows in our bedroom.  They do have a standalone site too, and after tagging them on Instagram they kindly gave me a 10% discount code to share with readers (code MOODxKatie), and it works only on their website– which offers the same shades that I have.  I believe the prices may actually be cheaper on their site, and it’s easier to fully customize the size.

We have lighter floors so I chose the rustic oak color for our bamboo shades.  My brother and sister-in-law, as well as my parents, also purchased these same top down bottom up bamboo shades after seeing ours.  They both have the rustic walnut color, which goes nicely with their darker floors.  Both variations are lovely, and I expect that the same can be said for all of the other offerings at MOOD.

Inside or Outside Mount?

I opted for an inside mount on our shades, though I did do an outside mount on our doors that I covered. For outside mounted shades they will send you two little pieces of the blinds that attach by velcro to cover the mechanism on the sides of the valance.

How Do Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work?

These unique bamboo shades raise and lower by simply pulling or pushing the shades up and down- no tricky or hazardous cords to deal with, which is especially nice when you have young children.  There are two thin yet strong strings/cords that connect the shades to the top mechanism and they pretty much disappear when you look at them from a couple feet away. These have held up really well even with 3 young children at home who adjust them often. And even if you just want flexibility, these shades really are the way to go. We raise the top in the living room as the afternoon sun streams in, and sometimes I will open the blinds from the bottom and that way they look like traditional top-down shades. These truly offer so much flexibility!

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I installed all of the shades on my own and it was really simple.  You just need a measuring tape, a pencil, a drill, and screwdriver bits to use on your electric driver.  There’s a little bit of a learning curve with the first one, but once you install one the rest are much faster.  I did them all by myself, though I did have to ask my kids to pick up the screws or wing nuts when I’d drop them on occasion.  It’s definitely an easy DIY project anyone can do.

Are They Black Out?

These bamboo shades provide great privacy, though they are darkening and not blackout.  If you plan to place them in a bedroom you will need drapes over top (as we have done in our bedroom and our son’s room), or you’ll have to place a blackout pull-down shade behind it (as we have done in our guest room and in the girls’ bedroom).  Simply install the black out shade behind the mechanism and it will be completely invisible due to the valance.  These are the white blackout cordless roller shades we have in the girls’ room, and the slightly cheaper corded version we have in our guest room.

Have any questions?  Please leave them below!  And if you decide to get them don’t forget to use the code MOODxKatie for 10% off!

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  1. Taylor Palesky
    June 3, 2024 / 4:00 pm

    Katie, would love a full blog post about the pros/cons of townhouse living. I recently moved to Northern Virginia and am considering it for my family. I haven’t been able to find any posts from someone I trust! Been following you since The Everygirl and love your honest recs.

    • June 4, 2024 / 6:29 am

      Hi Taylor, thank you for the kind note! I have had that topic on my mind for a while now since it seems to be a common request from people moving to places with a higher cost of living. I will definitely work on a blog post!

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