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I have shared my love for Amazon’s Colorfulkoala leggings many times over the years, but today I wanted to write an updated and dedicated post about them.  (For why I love them for pregnancy and postpartum and consider them magical- read this old blog post!)  I bought my first pair of these affordable leggings in 2019, prior to getting pregnant with my third child.  They quickly became my go-to for workouts, running, and athleisure- and they have gone on every trip with me since then- including trips to Europe and Asia. I used to only wear expensive leggings, but for the past 5 years I’ve almost exclusively worn Amazon’s $29 Colorfulkoala leggings– read more to find out why!

Colorfulkoala Leggings Review

These affordable leggings run true to size.  I’m wearing my normal size Small in all of these photos, except for in the pregnancy photos, where I sized up to a medium to accommodate my belly.

Smooth High Rise

The smooth high rise on these affordable Amazon leggings is incredibly comfortable so that nothing digs into your belly.  When I was pregnant in 2019 I realized that these leggings were perfect for pregnancy because they provide support and they don’t have a drawstring- the waistband is nice and smooth.  I wore my normal size through most of second trimester and then sized up once those got too tight. They are also perfect for the postpartum period, helping smooth everything out as your body changes.  Now that I’m out of both of these phases I still wear them multiple days a week- pretty much every time I exercise.  They are just so comfortable!

Leg Pockets

The leg pockets are perhaps the best part about these leggings.  They are the perfect spot for a phone, even while running.  As a mom with young children I’m also constantly being handed something to hold, and these are the best for holding random things.

Soft and Compressive Material

I’m picky about my leggings, and I love the material of these leggings.  They are soft and compressive- but not so compressive that you feel squeezed.  They are smoothing and comfortable for all active pursuits!

Great Cropped Length

I love the 7/8 length leggings because they hit just above my ankle (I’m 5’5″).  I think it’s such a versatile and flattering length.


These leggings are sold on Amazon Prime and they are typically $29- with sales happening every so often.  You really can’t beat that price for how amazing these leggings are!


Most of my pairs of these Colorfulkoala leggings are 4-5 years old and they still look brand new.  No pilling or fading despite constant wear.  I machine wash and dry them with no issues.  The only pair I have had to replace is the pair I took a nasty fall in while running.

Lots of Color Options

I have a number of fun colors in these leggings (Smoky Green, Steel Blue) but my most worn colors are black, navy, and deep gray camo because they go with pretty much everything and do not show sweat marks.  Whatever it is you’re looking for though, they most likely have that color option!

Have you tried these leggings yet?!  Here are some more random photos of me wearing these leggings over the years:

Katie Vail
Katie Vail

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This post contains Amazon Associates affiliate links. If you shop after clicking a link I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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