The Best Thrift Stores in Northern Virginia

Looking for the best places to find second hand items in the DC area?  Here are my favorite thrift stores in Northern Virginia!  If you are in Maryland, here is an old blog post that primarily mentions thrift stores around Columbia, Maryland.  And if you are looking for tips on how to find the best thrifted items online and in stores, be sure to read this blog post with all of my tried and true thrifting tips.

The Best Thrift Stores in Northern Virginia

I have always been a thrifter and I try to make my thrifting rounds once a week (typically 2-3 stores a week).  I strike out often, but because I am persistent I occasionally strike gold too! After living in Arlington, Virginia for nearly 4 years I have compiled a solid list of the best DC area thrift stores.  These all happen to be in Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Springfield, Falls Church, Fairfax) since that is where I spend most of my time.  If I’ve missed any good ones in the area please let me know!

The Best Arlington, VA Thrift Stores

Goodwill S Glebe Road– This is the Goodwill donation spot for the area, so they tend to have a much better selection than other Goodwills in NoVa.  I frequent this location often because I typically have a bag of old clothes or toys to donate while I’m at it.  At this location I’ve bought an antique secretary desk, a faux bamboo mirror that is in our powder room, a faux bamboo dress that is in our bedroom, Birdies loafers, two nicely framed Audubon prints, a lamp or two, and other various home goods.  Their toy selection is tiny and never very good.

The Best Alexandria, VA Thrift Stores

Salvation Army Little River Turnpike– This is a massive store and they have a large assortment of furniture and clothing.  I found our coffee table here, as well as a beautiful Parisian tweed jacket.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore– Habitat for Humanity ReStores are the best when you’re looking for furniture.  They always have a huge selection!  Also great if you’re updating a home and looking for things like light fixtures, cabinets, tile, etc.

Evolution Home– This is not a thrift store, but it is an antiques mall so I wanted to include it.  It’s pricey but there are some good treasures to be found.  I’ve purchased a small gate leg table from Evolution Home, as well as dishes and art.  It’s next to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore so I always visit the ReStore first and then make my way to Evolution Home.

Look Again Resale Shop– If I’m in Old Town I’ll visit this shop, but because it’s in a busy part of Alexandria where parking is limited I don’t go out of my way to visit.

The Best Springfield, VA Thrift Stores

Springfield Treasure Trove–  This is more like a consignment store but prices are very reasonable.  I recently purchased a pair of framed antique Chinoiserie prints, a wicker tissue box cover, and an antique double happiness ginger jar.

The Best Falls Church, VA Thrift Stores

Unique–  Unique is an experience and you’ll understand what I mean when you visit.  It’s a massive warehouse and it gets very busy on the weekends.  I have bought many bags of toys here, though they do also have a large selection of clothing, housewares, and books.  There are some pieces of furniture but it’s a small section and nothing has ever caught my eye, so if you’re looking for furniture I’d go elsewhere.  If you make a donation first you’ll receive a coupon to use when you shop.

Local Thrift– This is a recent discovery and it’s a fun shop to browse.  A little overwhelming due to the volume of stuff in a small location.  Downstairs is a lot of art work and affordable furniture.  Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Falls Church!  The Pho restaurant in the same shopping center is delicious too.

The Best Fairfax, VA Thrift Stores

Savers Thrift–  I’ve only visited this thrift store once and it was for their grand opening, so I don’t know what it is like now that it’s more established.  It is a massive store and they had a huge selection of clothing and shoes and a nice selection of home knick-knacks.  At Savers I bought two beautiful vintage coats, a set of 6 crystal water goblets, and my friend found some Birdies loafers.

DC Area Thrift Stores Not on My Regular Rotation

Goodwill in Seven Corners–  This is not a store that accepts donations so they typically do not have the best selection.  I’ve never found anything here.

Goodwill on Columbia Pike– This is not a store that accepts donations so they typically do not have the best selection.  I’ve found one or two things here in the past 4 years.

Christ Child Opportunity Shop (Georgetown)– If you’re looking for very expensive high end antiques this is a fun place to browse.  Don’t expect thrift store prices though.

Clock Tower Thrift–  I’ve only been to this thrift store once or twice but it’s fun to pop into when I find myself in Falls Church with some time to kill.  I’ve never found anything here though.

Columbia Pike Thrift Shop– This shop is very small and in my experience doesn’t have the best selection.

If you have any favorite spots I missed, please let me know in the comments!

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