Last Minute Gifts Under $25

Need a last minute Christmas gift that’s under $25?  These are all from Amazon and will arrive in time for Christmas.  I have all of them and can vouch for every one!

Combine this cleansing balm with these makeup removing washcloths and you’ll have a wonderful gift for the makeup or skincare lover in your life.  Even waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance!

These Artis brush dupes have bristles that feel exactly the same, yet they’re a fraction of the price.  The handles are lighter than the real deal, but the bristles really are just as densely packed as the Artis brushes are.

I love this small velvet jewelry case for short trips when I know I’ll be traveling with small pieces of jewelry.  Comes in a number of colors!

I use magnetic acrylic frames to hold old Christmas cards, as well as photos.  This set of 3 is quite affordable!

I’ve loved this tortoise apple watch band for years- it’s such an upgrade and it looks pretty enough for daily use but also stands up to sweaty (and water) workouts!

This USB chargeable lighter is perfect for lighting candles.  Add a small good smelling candle and it’s a wonderful gift for anyone!  I keep a stash of these on hand because they’re always a hit and make such a great gift.

This is the only brush I’ll use on my girls!  I use it sometimes too.  It’s a game changer for unruly fine hair!

The amount of joy I get out of automating our home is unparalleled.  If you’re giving a gift to someone that has an Amazon Echo then they will definitely appreciate one of these smart plugs!  I love that I can set certain lamps to turn on automatically at a certain time and when I say “Goodnight” all 5 of our lamps that are plugged into these smart plugs turn off automatically.  Tom rolls his eyes when I do it, but I always think “ultimate cosmic power!” (from Aladdin) when I do it lol

The PRETTIEST faux bamboo frame!  We have these all over our home.  Add a photo of your family and it’s the perfect sentimental gift for grandparents and great grandparents!

I grew up playing Rack-O and now my 8 year old loves to play it too!  It’s a great game for adults and kids ~8 and over.  I still enjoy playing and it’s good for reinforcing number sequence with kids.

I have everything here and love them!  Combine this butter crock (perfect if you love soft butter) with a nice loaf of crusty bread and a gourmet stick of butter and you have the perfect hostess gift.

This set of dominos is pretty!  I bought it a couple months ago but still need to break it out and teach the kids to play.

5 incredible pairs of socks for $14.99.  I love these!  They’re nice and simple, look great with shorter boots, and they don’t slide down.

This block print tissue box cover is stunning!  We have this one and a pink version and they are such a nice way to upgrade an ugly box of tissues.

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