Updated Discount Codes

I try to keep updated discount code information saved as a highlight on Instagram, but I wanted to share a dedicated blog post with discount code information too to make it a little easier to find.

Stripes and Whimsy Discount Codes

One reason companies like to create unique discount codes for influencers to share is because it helps them keep track of how many sales are attributed to that particular person.  It also helps them gauge whether or not a partnership with that individual is worth it.  Sometimes discount codes are done in conjunction with a paid partnership, and sometimes they’re simply done in exchange for gifted products (as is most of the case for mine).  For many of these places listed in this blog post I do receive a small commission when these codes are used, but for others it’s just nice for me to be able to share a discount for some of my favorite places.  Either way, I’m so glad I can share these with you so that you can save a little money if you shop some of my favorite businesses!  As always, thanks for your support, and don’t forget to use these discount codes when you shop in the future!

Below you will find discount codes for the following businesses:

Katie Vail
Katie Vail

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