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Let me preface this post by saying that I never thought that I would write a blog post about underwear, but my recent discovery has been so life-changing for me that I had to share this with y’all.  I like to think that on Instagram and the blog we’re all friends and I simply shares things I’d share with my real-life girlfriends…so here goes!  Soma Vanishing Edge Underwear have changed my life!  (Totally not sponsored.)

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I have a confession..up until last week I’ve been guilty of wearing underwear that I purchased roughly 14 years ago when I was 22 years old.  My underwear drawer is just something I’ve never put much thought into, and that’s why I’ve been content with wearing low rise hipster Victoria’s Secret PINK underwear even though it has holes in it and it gives me wedgies.  I have added some Auden (target) underwear over the years too, but just recently starting thinking that I needed a real upgrade.  I have a pretty athletic figure but I do have a curvier bottom and every pair of underwear I’ve ever worn has given me wedgies.  I just figured it was a fact of life…but now I know that that’s not the case!  Soma Vanishing Edge panties don’t ride up, they don’t roll down, and they are invisible even under leggings.

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Are Soma Vanishing Edge Underwear Worth It?

I saw Soma Vanishing Edge Underwear mentioned a number of times on a Grandmillennial facebook page I’m part of and I was immediately intrigued.  So many women raved about them.  These underwear have multiple rows of grippers on the back of the underwear that hold them in place on your bottom and they’re supposed to prevent wedgies and be invisible under leggings.  Well, ordering online makes me nervous when it comes to underwear and (a brand) I’ve never tried before, so I decided to drive 20 minutes to a mall (Tyson’s Corner) while the kids were at school so I could see them all for myself.  I’m so glad I went to try them on because they do run small.  For sizing reference: I’m typically a small at J.Crew but a medium in Victoria’s Secret and Target underwear.  I tried on mediums and larges at Soma and decided to get a mix of mediums and larges, and both work, though the mediums are a tad tighter (though not uncomfortable).  I’d say these underwear definitely run small so size up one size from your normal clothing size!  Below is what the gripper layer looks like.  They truly do stay in place!  All of those little layers are grippers…these really are amazing and I now go wedgie-free ALL DAY LONG.

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Over the years my shape has changed a lot (I had 3 kids in 4 years, gaining 40+ pounds with each pregnancy) and these days I prefer things that have a higher rise, simply because they’re more comfortable.  Why was I still wearing low rise underwear from 2009 when all my pants are high rise now???  I tried on all of the styles of Vanishing Edge Underwear and my favorite style is the High Leg.  They have a high rise (about an inch and a half below the belly button), they have a pretty high cut on the leg, and they are SO comfortable.  Bending down to pick up a child, running 8 miles, doing squats, sleeping, playing tennis, standing up from a chair….these prevent all wedgies in all occasions and I keep telling Tom that this is probably the most life-changing purchase I’ve ever made.  A little dramatic, but honestly it’s pretty true!  I also purchased one pair of the Retro Briefs (think old school underwear with a very high rise and lower cut legs) and a pair of the Modern Briefs (a more modern take on a brief- not quite so high of a raise or as low of a leg cut).  I also got 2 pairs of the bikini style because they were on sale.  As an experiment I also bought a pair of the High Leg in a size smaller (on sale) just so I could compare the fit.

After wearing these new underwear once (I bought 10 pairs), I promptly cleaned out my underwear drawer and threw 10 old pairs in the trash.  I plan to replace the rest in the coming months and want to try out the hipster version, because I think that’ll be a good middle ground between high leg and bikini style.

Not sure if any of that was helpful, but if you’re looking for an underwear upgrade then you definitely need to try Soma’s Vanishing Edge Panties!  Living life wedgie-free is absolutely glorious 🙂  Have you tried these yet?!

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