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Today I’m starting a new series that I hope to make a weekly feature on the blog, and possibly on Reels too.  I need some predictability and consistency in my life, so I thought that starting a series or two that are always published on the same day of the week each week would help with that.  It’ll be good for me because it’ll help me focus my content, but hopefully it’ll be useful for readers so that you know what to expect when you come to the blog on a particular day.  The first new series I’m starting is all about the home, and I plan to tackle a different topic each week.  So (hopefully) from here on out, Tuesdays are Home Talk Tuesdays.  Home Talk Tuesdays will include things like organization, styling, random tips like the best lightbulb temperatures or how I hang art and plates, useful home products, kid spaces…all that sort of home stuff.  Now that we are in a home that we own (and we know we won’t be moving any time soon), I am desperate to create systems to help our home function at its highest potential, and I also want it to be a beautiful yet comfortable space for our family of 5.  Lots of areas are still a work in progress, but I think it’ll be fun to share a different space each week and discuss any tips or tricks I may have discovered.  I’ll also share my struggles and hopefully crowdsource some great solutions!  Today’s topic- the junk drawer!

Home Talk Tuesdays: The Junk Drawer

organizing a junk drawer - home organization - how to organize a junk drawer

When we moved into our new (town)house I quickly learned that we were quite short on drawer space on our main floor.  In the kitchen we have two narrow drawers (only large enough for dishcloths, oven mitts, etc.), one large drawer (which holds all of our flatware, bottle and can openers, straws, etc.), and one medium-sized drawer (which holds the kids’ plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils).  I knew we needed a spot to corral other things that we use often, so when we had our fireplace built-ins designed I asked for them to add a single drawer over the cabinet on each sides.  We now have two large drawers at our disposal, and I designated our left drawer (the closest one to our kitchen) as our “junk” drawer.  Junk drawers are often disasters, but I was determined to create some organization so I bought a bunch of different drawer organizers and cobbled together a set-up that helps keep everything grouped and tidy.  Our bins are from places like Hobby Lobby, Target, and HomeGoods, and I love that I now always know exactly where all those little (yet frequently used) things are at all times.  One key to having a tidy and function junk drawer is weeding things out at the beginning.  If you don’t need something, toss or donate it.  If you’re keeping instructions or pieces of something that you don’t own anymore, get rid or them.  Clear out what you don’t need and then organize the rest.

organizing a junk drawer - home organization - how to organize a junk drawer

Helpful Things I Keep in our Junk Drawer



our self-inking address stamp

paperclips and safety pins



scotch tape

super glue

Apple Air Tag accessories that aren’t currently being used

cord organizers

twist tie dispenser


extra charging cords and smart plugs

spare chip clips



label maker

all of our clothing, water bottle, and washable labels from InchBug (my favorite place to buy labels)

pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.

mini set of tools

spare plug-in room fresheners

individual tissue packets

Batteries would be a good thing to keep here too if you don’t have them elsewhere.  I keep all of ours in this battery organizer in our storage closet.  (This will be another topic to discuss at a future date!)  Do you have a junk drawer?  Do you keep it organized or is everything just thrown in there?  What handy things to do keep in yours?  This is my first time using little organizing bins like these in a drawer and let me tell you, they have been life changing.  This drawer stays organized at all times now and having a system like this truly helps keep our home running smoothly.

Please tune in next Tuesday for the next installment of “Home Talk Tuesdays!”  And if you have any topic requests please leave them in the comments.  Thanks y’all!

organizing a junk drawer

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