6 Favorite Amazon Home Purchases

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Welcome to this week’s installment of Home Talk Tuesdays!  (I changed the name from “Tip” to “Talk” because I thought that made more sense.)  Today I’m talking about some of my favorite gadgets that have revolutionized our home.  Amazon is one of the best places to buy those random life-changing items you never knew you needed, so today I’m sharing 6 of my favorite purchases and all the details on why I love them.  Be sure the check today’s reel on Instagram to see these in action!

Favorite Amazon Home Organization Products

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1.  Glass Shower Hooks

frameless shower hooks - removable hooks glass shower - shower storage - frameless glass shower hooks amazon

These plastic coated metal hooks are so handy if you have a frameless glass shower like we do.  Just place over the glass and you immediately have two extra places to hang a towel, shower cap, or robe.  You can also use them facing inwards, and I have my loofa and wash cloth hanging from one on the inside of the shower.  The plastic coating ensures that the glass isn’t damaged, and they come in gold, black, and silver.

2.  Battery Organizer

battery storage - amazon home hacks - amazon storage - battery organizer

I’ve shared this battery organizer before, but it’s worth sharing again because I love it so much.  I always know where all of our batteries are now, and I keep mini screwdrivers in the zipper pocket so that I can change the batteries on a toy or watch without having to go search for one.  The battery organizer comes with a battery tester, which is really handy and I use it surprisingly often.  I’ve given this to many family members because it is just so dang practical!  There’s a spot for every battery size and putting new batteries in is a great task to give a little child too.

3.  Over the Door Stuffed Animal Organizer

stuffed animal storage - over door storage stuffed animals - amazon door storage for toys

My children LOVE stuffed animals.  They have so many of them and I got tired of stuffing them in random baskets in their rooms so I bought one of these over the door organizers for the girls’ shared room and one for my son’s room.  The pockets are elastic so you can easily get the stuffed animals in and out.  I love that we can do a quick clean up and shove them all in one place!  The kids love these too.

4.  Outlet Shelf

electronics shelf over outlet - electrical outlet shelf

We have outlets on either side of our kitchen island and they have become the primary spot for charging phones, tablets, headphones, etc.  I got tired of devices sitting on top of the kitchen counter though, so I ordered this little outlet shelf and it has really helped eliminate the visual clutter.  You swap out the faceplate with one that is provided and the shelf is mounted behind the new plate and is held in place with the faceplate screws.  Super easy upgrade!

5.  Plastic Food Storage Bag Organizer 

amazon ziploc bag organizer - vertical plastic bag storage - amazon plastic baggie organizer bamboo

We don’t have a drawer available to place plastic baggies in, so this organizer is a lifesaver.  We have all of our gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags in one handy bamboo organizer and then I’m able to place the entire thing upright in our pantry.  It takes up as much space as a cereal box does and it frees up a drawer!  It can also be placed in a drawer if you have one, or mounted on the wall.  Such a neat and also aesthetically pleasing way to store your plastic baggies!

6.  Over the Sink Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

roll out drying rack - sink drying rack - roll out dish drying rack - over sink dish rack

I discovered this gadget at a friend’s house recently and I immediately ordered one for our home.  I’ve always used a dish cloth on the counter to dry the things I hand wash in the kitchen, but this makes so much more sense!  Just roll it out over your sink and place your drying items on top.  Things dry more quickly and your counters are free!

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The following content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links I receive a small commission.

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