My Thoughts on Embracing New Pants Styles after a Decade of Skinny Jeans

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kick flare crop jeans demi boot crop jeans

Styles seem to really be changing- pant legs are getting wider, shoes are getting clunkier, belts are back in a huge way.  It’s a whole new world out there and it reminds me of the 70s- but in a good way!

How to Wear Pants that Aren’t Skinny Jeans

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Timeless pieces will never go out of style, so what I like to do is embrace an updated cut of pants but keep it more classic up top.  Or add a belt with high rise jeans or belt a boxier dress- yet keep shoes and earrings simple.  It’s all about balance, and when styles change it’s always good to dip your toe in so that your style doesn’t become too stagnant.  I sometimes think about the ladies that I occasionally saw growing up in the 90s- their hair, makeup, and cut of pants were still very 80s, and it was evident that they’d gotten a little stuck in their style.  Now I get it!  The same thing could easily happen to us millennial women who lived in skinny jeans for over a decade.  It’s our comfort zone…but now’s the time to shake up your style, change your cut of pants, and try something new!

The cuts I prefer are demi-boot crop cut with a 9 or 10 inch rise, and high rise slim wide leg pants (a crop is good but not necessary).  I have a bit of an issue with relaxed/boyfriend jeans because they just aren’t particularly flattering (intentionally, it seems), but I know that demi-boot crop jeans or high rise wide leg pants will accentuate a waist and legs nicely- so those tend to be the cuts that I prefer.  Hang onto those skinny jeans though-they’ll still be great with tall boots once it’s colder.  I haven’t tried true flares in 20-25 years, but I have a feeling that’s coming!  I’ll be looking for a high rise pair because a tucked in shirt will help balance the fuller cut at the feet.

Here are some options I’ve rounded up that I’d wear in a heartbeat, if you’re looking to try something other than skinny jeans!


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