LAKE Pajamas Summer Sale

lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

LAKE shorts set in fleur (gifted)

lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

LAKE Pajamas short-long set in Harbor (gifted)

My favorite pajamas are on sale now though July 28th!  I’ve been such a huge fan of LAKE pajamas for over 2 years and at this point they’re practically the only pajamas I sleep in.  I love their robes too!  They’re a bit of a splurge, so if you’ve been eyeing a pair, I wanted to be sure to announce the sale here so you can save a little on your purchase!  (I was gifted the two pairs above to help share the news of the sale on Instagram, but have bought the majority of my own sets.)

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They’re luxurious, soft, and absolutely beautiful.  Gone are the days of sleeping in an old t-shirt and shorts!  I really do feel so much more pulled together when I wear these, even if no one sees me and the house is a mess and the kids are crazy.  Overall, I’d say they’re true to size, if you lay flat to dry or if you want them more snug around the waist.  They will look a bit long when they first arrive, but they do all shrink in length once you wash.  However, I prefer to size up a size because I hate a tight waistband and I like to dry everything in the dryer.  I have some pairs that are my normal size small and some that are a size up (medium), and I tend to gravitate towards the mediums.  For sizing reference, I’m 5’5″ and fluctuate between 128 and 135 and I’m wearing a medium in all of the photos in this post except for the photo where I’m holding my daughter.  If you’re shorter you may want to get your normal size though, just due to length.  Robes are true to size though, at least the one I have is.  My very favorite pair is the long-short weekend set in bistro, and it’s part of the sale!

lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

long-short set in Bistro

I love long-long sets for winter and the tank-shorts sets or short sleeve-shorts sets for summer.  My tip is to buy one long-long set and one tank-shorts set in the same print so you can mix and match!  I don’t have a nightgown yet but may need to snag one during this sale.

tank short lake pajamas set

marine colorway

lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

shorts set in fleur

We also have two pairs of the children’s pajamas (matching a pair I have, of course) and I’d say they’re true to size (but size up if you want them to last longer).  They hold up really well and are definitely hand-me-down quality.  I originally bought them for Jack and Caroline 2 years ago, and now I’ve handed them down and Caroline and Tate wear them.  They’re so soft and so cute.

kids lake pajamas lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

Some of my favorites from the LAKE summer sale are rounded up below!  Just click the photo (below the collage) of the pair you’re interested in and you’ll be taken right to it:

lake pajamas summer sale favorite pima pajamas

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