A Glimpse into Daily Life, 3/22/22

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It’s been a while since my last update!  Here’s a recap of some recent highlights.

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Decorating:  I swapped out my preserved boxwood wreath for a forsythia wreath and I love the colorful pop it adds to our front door.  As far as DIY furniture projects go, I’ve given my faux bamboo mirrors and the coffee table a layer of primer and a coat of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace white paint.  I finished the second coat on the coffee table last Friday but still need to finish up the mirrors.  Everything is looking so much better!  I also dropped off my cane back chair at the upholsterer.  Still waiting on the fabric for my wingback chairs!

Eating:  Caroline and I visited Best Buns Bread Company in Shirlington this week and it was amazing!  We bought a nice loaf of bread and a king cake, which I can’t stop eating.  Absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go back because I hear their breakfast sandwiches and cupcakes are amazing too!

Drinking:  Have I ever shared that I love my SodaStream sparkling water maker?  It’s so nice not having to buy sparkling water and lug it home and then have it take up space in the fridge and then in the recycling.  I like to drink it at lunch and dinner and I love knowing that it’s just water and CO2 with nothing else added in.  I bought mine over a year ago and it doesn’t take up too much space and really is so handy.  And the water is nice and bubbly!  I purchased 2 additional CO2 cartridges directly from SodaStream (so I have 3 total) so that I can actively use one and then do the gas replacement with the other 2 (shipping is cheaper if you send 2 back at the same time).  Just like with a propane tank, you pay for the cartridge the first time and then just turn in the cartridges and pay for the gas when you need a replacement.  This is the SodaStream I have, and I bought this additional smaller bottle for on the go or to use at lunch time because it’s the perfect amount.

Watching:  When I run on the treadmill I like to watch Netflix on my phone because it’s my one chance to watch girly stuff that I know Tom won’t like.  I finally finished the second season of Emily in Paris (such a fun escape) and just started watching Sweet Magnolias.  I’m only 2 episodes in but I really like it!  I grew up in a kind of small town in Georgia and it was actually filmed in the town next to us, which is where my grandparents live.  Small world!

Reading:  I’ve been meaning to start the novel I have next on my list but I’m on such a decorating book kick right now.  I’ve been pulling out the random books I’ve had on my shelves and I always learn something new.  I just finished reading In With the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z, which is a fun educational decorating book, especially for someone who likes antiques and vintage pieces, like I do.

Listening:  I honestly don’t naturally enjoy trying out new podcasts because it always takes time getting used to the hosts and their styles.  Silly, I know.  I decided to try A Beautiful Mess’s podcast recently and listened to the 2022 Trends episode.  Their styles are quite a bit different than mine so I don’t follow them on Instagram anymore (I’ve really whittled my list down the past 2 years just to be more deliberate about what content I’m consuming) but I did enjoy the episode I listened to and plan to listen to keep listening.

Wearing:  We had a few warm spring days recently that were absolutely heavenly!  It was so nice to shed some layers and spend some real time outside.  We also had some snow, which was highly irritating and killed all of the camellia blooms!  I’ve been wearing my favorite white jeans more often lately and I’m so excited to start pairing them with sleeveless tops soon.  They run true to size.

sail to sable eyelet dress classic style preppy style grandmillennial style

Loving:  Sail to Sable sent me this white and blue eyelet dress for a recent campaign and I’m so excited to wear it once it’s consistently warm enough.  It’s a versatile dress that you could dress up or down and the cut of it is very flattering.  It runs true to size if you’re looking for a nice spring dress!

Shopping:  Tom desperately needs new shorts because he’s worn holes into all of his favorite shorts.  He seriously wore them all winter long- the man just does not like winter and the clothing that goes with it!  These pull on dock shorts are his favorite, and it looks like they’ve been restocked for spring.  Jack wears the boys’ version and he loves them too.  Highly recommend if you like shorts on your guys that aren’t too long.

DC cherry blossoms 2022

Exercising:  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after nearly a month either off or limited due to neck pain.  It’s never fun feeling like you’re starting over or having to work to get back to where you were, but I know it’s always worth it based on how I feel when I move my body regularly and push myself mentally.  I was on week 4 of the GlowBodyPT Lean Fast Strong Capable plan but really had to let that slide.  I’m picking my workouts back up but don’t think I’m ready to resume that really challenging plan.  I may go back and do some of her 10 minute videos from the 10 minute plan.  GlowBodyPT really does take the guesswork out of it and I know I’ll always get a good workout in if Ashley is leading it!  (She’s a dear friend and fellow West Point grad.)  Code WHIMSY10 always saves you $10.  I also really want to focus on getting back into running.  Spring seems to finally be here so I ran to see the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin this morning and it was so beautiful!

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The following content contains affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for using my links if you decide to shop!

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