Recent Beautycounter Empties

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beautycounter clean beauty products

I always think it’s interesting to see the beauty products that people love enough to use up completely.  Sometimes we as women tend to acquire random products that we use a little of before moving on the the next thing, so to hear about a product that is good enough to use all of can be really helpful!

Recent Beauty Product Empties

Today I wanted to share some of the Beautycounter empties that I’ve had to replace recently (or am going to soon).  I love these clean beauty products because they are clean and they perform.  Beautycounter is still my favorite for skincare and makeup because it’s the best of both worlds- highly effective and I don’t have to worry about the safety of the ingredients at all.  I’m not full in on the clean beauty train anymore because I’m not nursing or pregnant, but I do still like to try to make safe choices as often as I can.  But if something clean isn’t working for me (for example, I don’t like Beautycounter’s eyeliner and haven’t used their concealer in quite a while due to faulty applicator issues) I don’t have any hesitation to switch to something that could possibly work a little better.  The following Beautycounter products are longtime favorites of mine that I recommend wholeheartedly though!  (I’m a consultant so all links go back to my Beautycounter site.  If you’re planning on making your first purchase be sure to use code CLEANFORALL20 to save 20% on your first order!)  Have you tried any of the following products?

clean beauty productsbeautycounter clear pore cleanser beautycounter all bright c serum vitamin c

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum-  This ultra stable form of vitamin C serum helps fade dark spots and even skin tone.  I use it in the morning after I’ve washed my face (after my other serum) and before I move on to my skin cream.  It has really helped with my sun spots and melasma from pregnancy.

Beautycounter Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser-  I love to use this cleanser after a sweaty workout or when I’m feeling really oily or have a zit pop up.  It cleanses really well (has gentle little scrubbers in it too) but isn’t too drying.  This cleanser would be a great product to give to a tween or teen that is starting to go through hormonal changes.

beautycounter ultra renewal eye cream beautycounter soft cream

Beautycounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream-  This eye cream is nice and thick and I apply it around my eyes and on the my forehead lines every night.  Helps with puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  Can also be used during the day.

Beautycounter Countertime Soft Cream-  This is a great anti-aging daytime cream that is especially good during the cold winter months.  It’s really moisturizing yet not greasy.  I use it most mornings and add in a little SPF for sun protection.

Beautycounter Brow Gel-  This brow gel is a quick and easy way to darken, fill in, and tame your brows.  I use the light color.  I used to use Glossier’s Boy Brow but switched to this once it came out and I like Beautycounter’s brow gel better!

beautycounter brilliant brow gelclean beauty products

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The following content contains affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, I receive a commission.

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