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Time for the Amazon top sellers from December!  These are all your favorites from the things I shared in December.  Be sure to head to Instagram if you want to hear more about why I like these things or how I use them.  They’re saved in my Amazon December Highlight.  I also have an “Amazon Shop” where I curate lists of the things that catch my eye.  For more Amazon favorites, check out these blog posts:

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These pillows are a top seller yet again!  They’re incredibly comfortable and since switching over to them I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time.  The same can be said for Tom!  I’m very picky about pillows and hate when they’re too fluffy or too flat, and these are a perfect middle ground.  We’ve switched 4 of our pillows in the house over to these and plan to replace the rest soon.  $39.99 for a pack of 2.

the best amazon pillows

This $16 fabric shaver totally revitalizes things like sweaters, leggings, blankets, coats, sofas…you name it!  It works so well and helps your clothing and other fabrics last longer and look less worn.  Really great tool for under $17.

affordable amazon fabric shaver

If you want to step up your Apple Watch band game even more, get this tortoise shell one!  $22.99 and it looks cute with normal and dressy clothes and it’s durable enough (because it’s resin) to exercise in!  I haven’t taken this band off since I bought it a couple months ago.  The neatest part is a bumper type shell that the watch fits into to totally transform the look of your watch.  I’m obsessed with this band!

tortoise apple watch band

This $19.99 handheld blackhead removing pore vacuum can suck gunk out of your pores if you tend to get blackheads around your nose.  Just be sure to steam your pores first (or take a long hot shower) so that they’re open and keep the vacuum moving so it doesn’t give you a hickie on your face.  The gunk on the Q-tip below came out of my nose and cheeks.  Pretty gross but also quite satisfying!

amazon blackhead pore tool

I never knew that organized batteries could bring so much joy!  Our batteries were always all over the place but now they’re all organized and in one place thanks to this $19.99 Battery Organizer.  It comes with a batter tester too!

amazon battery organizer

These faux leather leggings are a top seller yet again, which doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Only $29.99 and I prefer them over my much pricier Spanx faux leather leggings!  I sized up 1 size.

spanx faux leather leggings dupe - amazon faux leather leggings

These simple white photo albums hold 400 4×6 photos.  Maybe I’m old school, but I like printing out hard copies of photos so that I can put them in frames and also keep them in a photo album like this.  I’m not organized enough to print out photo books!  I have 2 of these albums ($21) and plan to add more as needed, later on down the road.  We’ve been looking at old photos with the kids lately and it’s a great way for them to talk about the memories they have from living in Hawaii.  These look nice on a bookshelf too.

affordable photo album picture storage

Hanging artwork and photos on the wall is always one of the first things I do to make a house feel like a home.  As a military family we’ve lived in more rentals than I can count, and this picture hanging tool is what ensures our art and family photos are hung where they need to be without 5 extra holes in the wall behind the photo.  It allows you to mark the wall exactly where the nail needs to go and it makes sure the frame will be level too.  I can’t hang anything without this tool!  I promise it’ll be the best $10 you’ve ever spent for your home and sanity.

picture hanging tool with level

These silver faux bamboo picture frames are so lovely.  I have 3 grouped together on my antique marble top dresser and I gave the 5″x7″ size to all of the grandparents and great-grandparents (with a photo of the kids in it).  It looks so elegant and beautiful and also comes in gold.

affordable grandmillennial faux bamboo picture frame

I’ve had this delicate brown faux leather Apple watch band for about 3 years now and it’s still a favorite of mine.  Can’t beat the $11.99 price tag and it really has held up very well.

affordable amazon apple watch band

These cane and rattan boxes with a hinged glass lid are some of my favorite things in our home.  They come as a set of two and are perfect for corralling things.  The square version and rectangular version are available now (I have both versions), but I have one of the rectangular ones on my bedside table to hold my vitamins, night creams, lip gloss, hair ties, face wipes, etc) and I just added a square one to Tom’s bedside table.  I use one to hold sunglasses in our entryway, and one is used as decor on our bookshelf.  They come as a set of 2 (one slightly larger than the other) and they are so pretty and practical too.

amazon cane and rattan glass lid box

My new clothing obsession is this sweater tunic!  It’s oversized yet chic and is so comfortable, and it looks quite similar to the Free People version that costs a whole lot more.  Size down one size, I wear the XS and now have the black, gray and khaki colored sweaters.  It would be really great for pregnancy or postpartum too.

amazon free people sweater dupe faux leather leggings

When I don’t wear bike shorts under my dresses I’ll wear these Seamless Slip Shorts because they’re lightweight, very smoothing, and particularly great under lighter colored dresses.  They come in nude, black, and white and I have 2 of the nude pairs.  Size up 1 size.  Only $13.99!

slip shorts amazon

I finally decided to give the Colorfulkoala joggers a try, and these are so comfortable!  They’re the same brand as my beloved Amazon leggings and I’d say they run true to size, though if you want the more traditional looser jogger fit you can size up a size.  The waistband is nice and smooth and they’re $34.99.

amazon joggers

I bought this Rigid Ornament and Christmas Decoration Storage Box last year and it is a game changer when it comes to storing your Christmas decorations!  I love it so much that I bought a second one this year for the things that didn’t fit into the first box.  Currently $59.99 and worth every penny.

christmas ornament organizer storage box

This $9.99 grabber tool is probably one of my more random purchases but it is SO handy on long car rides.  We have a minivan and Jack sits in a captains chair in the middle row (the second one is folded into the base of the car) and the girls ride in the back row.  When I sit in the front passenger seat I’m able to use this grabber to hand snacks back and pick things up that have been dropped without having to undo my seatbelt.  I’ll never road trip without it again!

road trip with kids hack

I love to wear sneakers with jeans and dresses but I hate it if my socks show.  I bought this set of no-show socks about 2 years ago and they’re wonderful!  They really do stay put and they don’t slip down.  Set of 3 pairs of socks for about $9.

no show socks with sneakers

These scrubbing shower gloves are great when you feel like you need a little extra body exfoliation.  I sometimes feel like gunk builds up on my upper back (I’m assuming from the use of things like conditioner in the shower) so I like to use these gloves to really scrub that area.  They come in a pack of 12 pairs for $14.99.

exfoliating gloves amazon beauty

These little girls’ underwear are the best we’ve ever owned.  They’re fuller in the rear so Caroline doesn’t get wedgies (an “issue” – her word) that she had problems with before we switched to these.  A friend of mine bought them for her daughter too and said they’re even better than the much pricier Hanna Andersson underwear!  These come in a set of 6 for $20.99 and there are so many cute patterns.  I’d say they run slightly small so size up if in doubt.

hanna andersson underwear dupe - the best little girls underwear



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This blog post contains affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, I receive a commission.

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