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amazon vaenait pajamas - christmas pajamas

Pajamas so nice I bought them twice (more like 21 times because all 3 children have 3 pairs of the short/short version and 4 pairs of the long/long version).  When I say that our family loves these $18.99 Amazon pajamas I’m not exaggerating.  My kids sleep in them every night and they say that they’re so comfortable and soft.  I love that they’re simple and solid in color (unless you get the pretty florals) and somehow my kids love them so much that they don’t even mind that they’re relatively simple.  And because they’re solid the shorts and pants can also double as bike shorts or leggings for the girls to wear under dresses.  They come in so many colors and I love the shirring on the girls’ pajamas…but I also love that the regular crew neck ones are uni-sex so I can easily buy matching or coordinating pajamas if I want to.  (Which is what we did for Christmas pajamas last year- the girls got red and Jack got green.)  The kids looked so cute all summer in the short pajamas but they love the long pajamas once it’s cooler.  They also now make footie pajamas for sizes 3M to 2T, so even babies can get in on these cozy and simple pajamas!  Another newer optionfrom the same brand are these fleece wearable blankets.  Tate freaks out if you put a blanket on her so she sleeps in these at night.  Her room is very cold in the winter so I think this may help now that she’s out of a true sleep sack.  I may even get one for Caroline because her room is really cold too.  These go up to size 7.

affordable kids pajamasamazon vaenait pajamas

As far as sizing goes, these pajamas are super stretchy so I like to size up a few sizes to make them last (not that they’re expensive, I just like things to last a long time).  Even if they’re a little long they won’t look sloppy since they’re so stretchy and soft.  If you’re looking for great pajamas for your kids, I promise you will absolutely love these.  A friend of mine used to splurge on fancy pajamas but now she’s obsessed with these under $20 pajamas because she says they’re even better than the pricy ones!  They wash and dry nicely and get the seal of approval from everyone in our family.

amazon vaenait pajamas

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