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I purchased my Apple Watch around 3 years ago and it’s still one of my very favorite things.  (I have the Series 4 in the 40mm size with GPS and Cellular (current version here).)  I now wear it in lieu of any other watch and it has replaced my Garmin for running as well.  It’s practical, useful, and encourages you to stay active too.  Here are the reasons why I love my Apple Watch, as well as a few of the things you need to think through when deciding on which watch is right for you.

apple watch review

Cellular + GPS vs. GPS Only

I have an Apple Watch with cellular capabilities, something that I didn’t realize would be as helpful as it has become.  I decided on this option because even if I opted to not enable the cellular capability ($10 a month, I believe, and it’s tied to you cellphone plan) I wanted the option to use it.  (I’ve never used it without the capability enabled though.)  It has been especially helpful when we’ve been at the beach, pool, playground, while running, or other places where I may not have my phone on me for a period of time.  I’m still able to communicate even if I don’t have my phone (text as well as phone calls), which has proven invaluable, especially when trying to communicate with or find your spouse.  Tom has the GPS only version (without cellular) and we regret the purchase.  He often runs without his phone and there have been times that I’ve wanted to call him to ask him to grab something on his way home or check to see if he’s ok if he’s decided to run longer and hasn’t returned yet, but I’m not able to contact him.  For safety purposes I think it’s a really handy capability to have the cellular function.  It makes the cost of the watch a bit higher initially and then you have a monthly fee if you turn that feature on, but overall it has absolutely been worth it and I think we my trade his watch in sometime soon so that he can get a cellular one too.  He is able to make calls and text from his watch but he has to be within bluetooth distance of his phone.

Size of Apple Watch

I think the 40 mm size is the perfect size for a woman.  Not too large, not too small.  Tom has the 44 mm size, which is ideal for a man.  Obviously it’s a personal preference, but those are the sizes that work for us.

Working Out with an Apple Watch

I love my watch the most when I’m working out.  You can set it for lap swim (or open water swim) and it keeps track of your distance incredibly accurately.  No more counting laps if you’re trying to hit a certain distance!  It works on the treadmill (though sometimes it’s a little bit off), and has completely replaced my GPS watch for running outside.  I use it on the tennis setting when I play tennis just to keep track of my calories and heart rate, and I also use it on the strength training or HIIT workout setting when I’m doing my Glowbody PT workouts (WHIMSY10 is my coupon code to share and it saves you $10 on the paid plans and cookbook).  There are so many different workouts to choose from.  And I love that it all syncs with your phone if you have an iphone.

It Encourages Activity

Tom and I have both become a little obsessed with closing our rings on our Apple Watches, and we can keep track of each other’s activity from our own phones and watches.  There are 3 rings to close each day- Move, Exercise, and Stand.  A good day is when you close all 3 rings, and it’s really rewarding when you go on a long run and see the exercise and activity rings spin around a few times.  You can set your rings to fit whatever your lifestyle is, so I have my move ring set at 550 calories, my exercise ring is set at 30 minutes, and my stand goal is 12 hours.

Verbally Respond to Texts or Take Calls

I’m a big believer in dictating texts because it’s so quick and easy, so I use my watch all through out the day.  It’s so handy to just tap the microphone button on my watch and text, even if I have no clue where my phone actually is.  I often take calls on my watch too, especially if we’re playing and I’m intentionally not carrying my phone around with me.

Phone Camera Remote

I don’t have a photographer for my blog or Instagram content, so Tom takes about 40% of the photos and I take about 60% of the photos with my phone and my Apple Watch as the remote.  There is a handy tool that allows you to see your camera screen on your watch, so even if you’re taking a group photo with the rear camera you can look down and check to see if everyone is in the frame, then you can review it on your watch without running back over to your phone.  You’re able to use the watch like a remote and taken any photos you need.  The photos below were all taken using my watch as my remote!

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It Connects to Your Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes when I run I don’t bring my phone with me, yet I still like to have something to listen to.  With an Apple Watch you’re able to add playlists and podcasts to your watch and then connect your bluetooth headphones so that you can listen even without your phone.  This is what Tom does when he runs and he loves that he doesn’t have to carry his phone with him.  (These are our favorite wireless headphones that do great with sweaty workouts.)

Ping Your Phone

Perhaps the most used function on my Apple Watch is the “ping” function.  99% of the time my phone is on silent and do not disturb because I forget to change it when I wake up, so even if I used Tom’s phone to call it I wouldn’t be able to find it.  But with your Apple Watch you can ping it (no matter what your phone is set on) and your phone will make a noise so that you can track it down.  You just swipe up on your watch and tap the ping button!  I use this a few times a day because I’m horrible at keeping track of my phone and sometimes my kids wander off with it.  When I hop in the car (and typically I’m running late) I often use the ping function to double check that my phone is in my purse so that I don’t have to dig through the black hole to physically find it.  Such an incredible and useful feature!

Set Timers Verbally

I tend to use timers with my kids often, especially when it comes to sharing toys or during transitions.  I often use my watch so that I don’t have to pull out my phone to do so.  I just say “hey siri, set the timer for __ minutes” and it immediately does what I want it to.  I also use this while cooking sometimes.

Limits the Need to Look at My Phone

One thing that I often worry about as a parent is how often I tend to look at my phone.  When I’m spending quality time with my kids I try to not have my phone on me so that I can give them my undivided attention, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to glance at my watch and check texts or emails, especially if I’m expecting something to pop in while we’re playing.

Favorite Apple Watch Bands

There are so many watch bands to choose from, but I tend to swap back and forth between the light pink sports band that came with my watch and this affordable brown faux leather band on Amazon.  The style is very feminine and dainty and I’ve had it for years.  I also just ordered this tortoise shell band because it looks like it may be the type of band that I could wear that looks dressy and chic but it’s also durable enough to tolerate sweaty workouts.

Do you have an Apple Watch?  If so, what’s your favorite feature?  I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to handy Apple Watch capabilities.  And if you’ve been considering taking the plunge I hope that this past has been helpful!

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  1. Holly bleicken
    January 17, 2022 / 12:13 pm

    Hi! I just emailed you from my school email regarding the Dudley Stephens code but I have a question about something else! Where is the blue and white dress with the ruffled collar from? It’s on the post about why you love your Apple watch and the article was interesting but the dress is the best!!! I wear Gretchen Scott but this one is so cute!

    Thanks in advance!

    • January 17, 2022 / 12:43 pm

      Thank you! It’s old from tuckernuck and this is the current version they have. They tend to make dresses in this style each spring and summer, so I’ll try to keep an eye out for new colors!

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