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I’m excited to share the top sellers from Amazon for the month of September!  These are the things that y’all loved the most from the things that I shared in September.  A number of things are back again this month (pillows, leggings, battery organizer, to name a few) but we have some fun new popular items too.  To see the curated lists I update daily you can head to my Amazon shop, and you can view August’s top sellers in this blog post.  Here are the top sellers from September!

These pillows are incredibly comfortable and since switching over to them I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time.  The same can be said for Tom!  I’m very picky about pillows and hate when they’re too fluffy or too flat, and these are a perfect middle ground.  We’ve switched 4 of our pillows in the house over to these and plan to replace the rest soon.  $39.99 for a pack of 2.

the best amazon pillows


The high-rise leggings I’ve loved for years and years are still a top seller and they remain one of the most worn items in my wardrobe.  I have them in so many different colors but black is my most worn.  They run small so I size up 1 size to a medium.  If you’re pregnant I’d go up 2 sizes from your normal size.  They’re fantastic for the postpartum phase too because the waistband is smooth and forgiving.  They have side pockets on the legs that I throw a phone in when I’m wandering around with the kids and I even hold my phone there when I run.  Can’t recommend them enough!  I share a lot more about my love for them (as well as photos of me wearing them while pregnant and postpartum) in this blog post.


amazon high rise leggings - colorfulkoala leggings


Hanging artwork and photos on the wall is always one of the first things I do to make a house feel like a home.  As a military family we’ve lived in more rentals than I can count, and this picture hanging tool is what ensures our art and family photos are hung where they need to be without 5 extra holes in the wall behind the photo.  It allows you to mark the wall exactly where the nail needs to go and it makes sure the frame will be level too.  I can’t hang anything without this tool!  I promise it’ll be the best $10 you’ve ever spent for your home and sanity.


picture hanging tool with level


These simple white photo albums hold 400 4×6 photos.  Maybe I’m old school, but I like printing out hard copies of photos so that I can put them in frames and also keep them in a photo album like this.  I’m not organized enough to print out photo books!  I have 2 of these albums ($21) and plan to add more as needed, later on down the road.  We’ve been looking at old photos with the kids lately and it’s a great way for them to talk about the memories they have from living in Hawaii.  These look nice on a bookshelf too.


affordable photo album picture storage


I never knew that organized batteries could bring so much joy!  Our batteries were always all over the place but now they’re all organized and in one place thanks to this $19.99 Battery Organizer.  It comes with a batter tester too!


amazon battery organizer


I’m not an enthusiastic lunch packer, so I bought these sandwich cutters (with sealers) to make it a little more fun.  They’re easy to use and I think the sealer makes the sandwiches look just like Uncrustables.  $20 for a set of 3 shapes.


shaped sandwich cutters


These bats are so fun for Halloween!  The bats come in a pack of 80 for $5.99 and we’re using them again last year since they’re a spooky but fun way to decorate for Halloween.  Be careful though, the sticker part is tough to remove when it comes time to take them down, so I’d avoid drywall.  They’re fine on siding and glass though!  I’d bet they’d be fine on brick too.  Or you could use these bats but apply a different type of adhesive they may be easier to remove.


halloween bats on door


I love bobby socks with ruffles on them for little girls in the fall.  This is the same brand sold at many boutiques but they’re a bit cheaper on Amazon.  I like that the ruffles have the eyelet detail on them.  The girls look so cute in these!


girls ruffle bobby socks


My parents bought this wooden set of doll house furniture for Caroline’s birthday to go along with the doll house we bought for her.  She loves it, especially because the furniture has pink on it!  And it works perfectly with her Maileg mice.   Great quality and 4 full rooms for about $25.


wooden doll furniture


I love to wear sneakers with jeans and dresses but I hate it if my socks show.  I bought this set of no-show socks about 2 years ago and they’re wonderful!  They really do stay put and they don’t slip down.  Set of 3 pairs of socks for about $9.


no show socks with sneakers

I love this sweater tank so much that I own it in 3 different colors: beige, khaki, and green.  It’s SO flattering!  I sized up 1 size to a medium.  Only $21.99 but feels much nicer.  Just make sure to wear a bra that has straps you can crisscross so that they aren’t visible.


amazon khaki sweater blazeramazon khaki sweater blazer


These cane and rattan boxes with a hinged glass lid are some of my favorite things in our home.  They come as a set of two and are perfect for corralling things.  The square version is only available now (I have both the square and rectangular versions), but I have one of the rectangular ones on my bedside table to hold my vitamins, night creams, lip gloss, hair ties, face wipes, etc) and I just added a square one to Tom’s bedside table.  I use one to hold sunglasses in our entryway, and one is used as decor on our bookshelf.  They come as a set of 2 (one slightly larger than the other) and they are so pretty and practical too.


cane and rattan glass lid display box - grandmillennial decor - beachy decor

amazon cane and rattan glass lid box


With hot summer weather I retired my leggings for a bit and replaced them with what I call “warm weather leggings” aka high waisted bike shorts!  These are exactly like the leggings above but a shorts version.  Same sizing guidance as leggings too, I go up 1 size to a medium.  I run in these, life weights in these, and wear them around the house.  I also wear these under dresses!  Heather Coffee is my favorite color under dresses because it’s closest to my skin tone but I wear black or heather gray for workouts.  The pockets are so handy when I don’t carry a purse because I can put my phone in the leg pocket and you’d never even know it was there.


high rise bike shorts with pockets - colorfulkoala biker shorts - shorts under dresses


This long sleeve white bodysuit is so great!  I haven’t worn a bodysuit in probably 25 years but I wanted a simple white one to wear tucked into jeans.  This one runs snug, so be sure to size up 1 size.  This bodysuit comes in a bunch of colors and also comes in short sleeves.


white body suit long sleeve bodysuit white body suit long sleeve bodysuit


A friend wore this short sleeve waffle lounge set to my house the other day and I immediately ordered it!   I got the green color and my friend had on the navy color.  She looked pulled together was totally comfy too!  Definitely size up 1 size, I got the medium.


short loungewear set


When I don’t wear bike shorts under my dresses I’ll wear these Seamless Slip Shorts because they’re lightweight, very smoothing, and particularly great under lighter colored dresses.  They come in nude, black, and white and I have 2 of the nude pairs.  Size up 1 size.  Only $13.99!


slip shorts amazon


If my girls are wearing bows there is a 99% chance their wearing one from this set of 20 hair bows for $9.98.  They’re the perfect 4.5″ size, you get 20 different colors, and they’re not so precious that you have to worry about them getting messed up.  We now own two sets so that both girls can wear the same color at the same time if they want to.  (Tate’s personalized sweater is from The Monogram Corner.)


affordable girls hair bows


These kids’ pajamas are the best!  We own them in so many different solid colors (and some prints too, like the floral pair below).  Incredibly soft and nice and simple.  Can’t recommend these enough.


soft kids pajamas

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