A Comparison of Dudley Stephens Fleeces

natural blush park slope turtleneck

Fall will be here before we know it, and while I’ll be sad to say goodbye to summer I am quite excited to break out my Dudley Stephens fleeces again.  These fleece tops are an essential part of my fall and winter “uniforms’ and they’re the ultimate cozy yet chic addition to any wardrobe.  Today I wanted to share a comparison of the different styles that I own, as well as a review of the two main types of fleece that Dudley Stephens offers.  If you’d like some ideas on how to wear a Park Slope turtleneck, you can see some ideas in this blog post from last year!

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Fabrics: Vello vs. Terry

The two main fabrics are Vello fleece and Terry fleece.  Vello is your traditional “squishy” fleece that’s nice and cozy and especially great when it’s cold.  Terry is lighter and more of a sweatshirt fleece type of material.  I personally think that the Terry fleeces wash better and they attract less lint too.  Both fabrics give you the structured neckline look on the turtlenecks.  My most worn fleeces are Park Slope in Natural Blush Vello, Park Slope in Off-White Terry, Park Slope in Navy Terry, and Park Slope in Camel Vello.  I also have some fun pops of color that I like to break out on occasion.  Neon Pink is particularly fun and I love red at Christmastime!

Garment Care

When I wash my Dudley Stephens fleeces I turn them inside out and wash on cold in the washing machine and then hang to dry.  I haven’t found that they shrink at all.  They are very easy to spot clean and are quite forgiving, even with messy kids.


For sizing, I’m 5’5″ and 131 pounds with an athletic build and a small chest.  I wear my normal size small in everything from Dudley Stephens, though I can size up to a medium without looking sloppy in the turtleneck styles for a little more room (I’ve tried on my mom’s to verify).  I prefer my normal size though.  If you’re larger chested or have broader shoulders I’d recommend sizing up 1 size, and if you’re curvier I’d recommend sizing up 1 size on the Cobble Hill to avoid tightness in the hips.  If you’re taller, Greenpoint may be a better option than Park Slope!

Dudley Stephens Styles I Own

Dudley Stephens fleece - fleece turtleneck - park slope fleece - classic style - vello natural blush

Park Slope Fleece Turtleneck–  This is my favorite and most-worn style.  It has a band at the base and on the sleeves and is great with denim (and shorts if you live up in New England or when the seasons are changing).  I’m wearing the Park Slope in Natural Blush Vello Fleece in this photo here.

greenpoint turtleneck - dudley stephens fleece turtleneck - classic style - black vello fleece turtleneck

Greenpoint Fleece Turtleneck–  This is slightly longer than Park Slope and does not have the bands on the sleeves or the bottom.  Great length to wear with leggings as well as denim.  Also a great option if you’re taller or have a long torso that may not work with Park Slope.  I’m wearing the Greenpoint in Black Vello Fleece in this photo here.

dudley stephens cobble hill turtleneck fleece - dudley stephens fleece - camel vello fleece - classic style

Cobble Hill Fleece Turtleneck–  Even longer than Greenpoint, this style also has pockets (the pockets are silky so they don’t add bulk).  I prefer to wear this style with leggings but it also looks good with denim.  I’m wearing the Cobble Hill in Camel Vello Fleece in this photo here.

dudley stephens fleece - dudley stephens boatneck fleece - neon pink vello fleece - classic style

Brighton Boatneck–  A pretty boatneck style that I think is being replaced by the Taylor Tunic, which has a more exaggerated neckline and is similar to Greenpoint in length.  A few Brighton Boatnecks are still available though.  It has the band around the sleeves and the hem.  I’m wearing the Brighton Boatneck in Neon Pink Vello Fleece in this photo here.

dudley stephens double roll neck park slope turtleneck fleece - classic style

Double Roll Neck Park Slope Turtleneck–  Park Slope style but with a fold-over turtleneck.  This is particularly great on really cold days or while playing in the snow so snow can’t go down your neck!  Pictured here wearing the Double Roll Neck Park Slope in Natural Blush Vello Fleece.

dudley stephens somerset sweatshirt - dudley stephens summer - classic style

Somerset Sweatshirt–  This oversized sweatshirt has contrast stitching and it’s great for a casual look, warmer days, and as a layering piece.  Pictured here wearing Somerset Sweatshirt in Off-White Terry Fleece.

dudley stephens fleece pullover - dudley stephens prospect pullover fleece - striped fleece - classic style

Prospect Pullover–  This pullover scoops a bit lower in the back and has a very exaggerated structured neckline.  Great for leggings since it covers the bum but also with denim, and it has the same silk-lined pockets as the Cobble Hill.  I imagine this being a more casual option.  I just bought this one  but honestly am not crazy about the stripes in a longer length (love them on the Park Slope) and the neckline feels too large.  I’m returning it and maybe I’ll try again with a solid color later on in the fall.  Pictured here wearing the Prospect Pullover in Navy/White striped Vello Fleece.

dudley stephens greenpoint boatneck fleece turtleneck

Greenpoint Boatneck-  This may be my new favorite style.  It has the mid-length like the normal Greenpoint does, but the neckline is a little shorter and wider, making it a perfect and flattering boatneck.  I bought it in the cocoa color and it is absolutely dreamy.  I hope the come out with more colors soon!  I got my normal size small.

dudley stephens poncho

Parsonage Poncho–  This poncho isn’t currently available but I can imagine it being great in the fall while watching your kids play sports outside (and I bet you can find on Poshmark).  It’s like a blanket and a turtleneck in one!  Pictured here wearing the Parsonage Poncho in Navy Vello Fleece.

dudley stephens fleece scarf - dudley stephens spring street scarf - classic style

Spring Street Scarf–  This is a cozy scarf that’s perfect for travel, since it can double as a blanket on a chilly plane ride.  Pictured wearing Spring Street Scarf in Natural Blush Vello Fleece (currently only available in bubble and ribbed).

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