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classic summer outfit men

I tend to mostly share personal fashion or kids’ fashion here on the blog, but occasionally I’ll receive a question about Tom’s clothing favorites, so today I wanted to share some of his go-to pieces.  He’s going to be mortified when he sees this, but he’ll live 🙂

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I joke and say that he has a summertime uniform and it consists of the following:


a solid t-shirt (he loves these $12 Amazon t-shirts and these J.Crew garment dyed t-shirts)

6 inch dock shorts (the perfect not-too-long-not-too-short shorts that he has in a few different colors)

comfortable closed toe shoes, like Sperrys, these Croc slip-on shoes that actually look decent (lol), or Vans

classic summer outfit men

He has a pair of Birkenstock sandals but he won’t go to the effort to break them in so he says they aren’t comfortable…I think the brown suede ones are a great choice for men if they’ll take the 3 or so days and break them in (hint, hint, Tom haha).  This combo gives an effortless and casual look that isn’t sloppy (just say no to cargo shorts, guys!), and it serves him well in DC and it’s also what he wore during our 3 years in Hawaii.  I’ve been eyeing this Amazon version of the pull-on shorts that seem to be incredibly popular.

classic summer outfit men

If he needs to dress up a little bit he’ll throw on a solid polo, and if it’s a slightly dressier event he’ll wear a J.Crew or J.Crew Factory long sleeved button down shirt (or a checked one like this) with sleeves rolled up and tucked into regular (non-pull on) shorts with a brown belt.  His favorite khaki pants are these from J.Crew, these chinos from Brooks Brothers, and these he randomly found at Orvis (seen below) and he also wears these when he does explosive ranges with the military.

mens summer outfit

For swimming he likes above the knee swim trunks like these from J.Crew Factory or these from Amazon.  And for sunglasses, Tom is a classic black Ray-Bans New Wayfarer kind of guy.

Below are some more Tom-approved pieces that’ll give you a similar look for your guy’s summertime wardrobe!

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  1. Amy
    July 18, 2021 / 9:28 am

    I’m so grateful for this post, Katie! Thank you, Tom! 😉

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