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I love coffee table books.  I use the term “coffee table books” loosely because I currently have 3 little kids and my coffee table is completely empty these days.  I do, however, use these hardback design and lifestyle books on tables and bookshelves as key fixtures in my vignettes, and I also love to browse them for inspiration.  They add so much character and books truly help turn a house into a home.  I’m always learning something from these books (like the name of something I’ve seen in photos before but wasn’t exactly sure what the design was called), and these books provide so much inspiration for me.  They have helped me refine my decorating style and learn to layer pieces more effortlessly.  They’re also beautiful on a shelf or on a table and they’re a great way to share a little about your interests without being over the top or kitchy.  I like to place coffee table books under lamps if they need a little more height, and they’re also beautiful under a ginger jar, piece of coral, decorative box or a special piece that’s been collected on a trip.

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Many of my favorite books are a few years old (Good Bones Great Pieces, The Perfectly Imperfect Home and In with the Old), but there are also some newer books that are incredibly beautiful both inside and out.  (I love a pretty spine, especially for decorating!)  Mark D. Sikes is one of my new favorite designers and the way he embraces traditional design yet makes it look really cool and un-fussy really speaks to me.  He loves blue and white too!  His two books (Beautiful and More Beautiful) are some of my very favorites and I’ve read them both cover to cover and still break them out to study the images.  I’ve also been really inspired by Rattan: A World of Elegance and Charm and it has made me want to add a little natural texture in the form of rattan or wicker to every room.  Amanda Lindroth’s book Island Hopping has me ready to jump on a plane and head to the Bahamas.  I love her use of texture and the way she blends indoors with outdoors.

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Here are my favorite books that all provide great inspiration and also look great in your home.  I’m adding a few that are on my wish list.  Most are decorating books but I also threw in a few lifestyle books and a favorite cookbook too.  Just click the image and you’ll be taken right to the book!



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