10 Random Things, 4/14/21

painted faux bamboo dresser

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through April!  Here are some random things that popped into my head while writing this post about life, recent finds, etc.

I finished up 2 of the furniture pieces I’ve been working on (as mentioned in this recent blog post)!  The first is the faux bamboo dresser which will now serve as the storage piece in our entryway.  I’ll write a more thorough blog post about the steps of the transformation, but for now, here is a peek at it!  It still needs to cure for a few more days but I love how it turned out, although truthfully I am a little unsure about the color (I went with Benjamin Moore Sapphire Ice).  I was looking for a light blue that would work well with the darker blues in the ginger jars and decor I have in my home, but a tiny piece of me things I may have ended up with an icier blue than I’d originally been going for.  (It looks icier in person.)  I think it still works though and overall I’m really happy with it.  What do y’all think?  Oh and I love how the polished original hardware shines now!  I just used a little brasso and they were totally transformed.  I also finished up the desk I painted blue, but I’m waiting on two drawer pulls I ordered since the old ones were corroded.

It’s been such a joy having my mom here these past 2 weeks.  It’s not often that a grown women gets to spend an extended period of time with her mother and I’m thankful she’s been willing to help out with the kids while Tom has been traveling.  I’m sure my kids have driven her nuts but they love her so much and it’s been wonderful having her with us.  She helps me tackle all of the random projects I’ve had on my to-do list, she jumps on the trampoline with the kids (a recent purchase and we are LOVING it), she watches Tate while the big kids are at school so I can focus on painting furniture, running errands, taking care of DMV appointments (insert eye roll and exasperated emoji here) and work on my blog.  She’s the best!

Now that we’re getting more sunshine during the day and it’s actually warm enough to go outside I’ve been using the Beautycounter Daily Sheer Defense for Face SPF 25 Sunscreen every morning as part of my routine.  I mix 1 pump in with my regular moisturizer and it provides some protection and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  It also rubs right in very easily and doesn’t leave any white residue- which isn’t always the case for a mineral based sunscreen.  If you’re looking for a clean sunscreen for your face I highly recommend this one!

I am loving the look of this 3/4 sleeve striped boatneck shirt from J.Crew Factory.  I already have more than my fair share of striped shirts but this is my favorite silhouette for a t-shirt and I like that the stripes are done a little differently (wider) than any that I currently have.  It comes in a few color options and the yellow one looks nice and cheerful!  It’s only $26.99.

The kids started soccer this past Saturday and it did not go as well as I’d planned.  Caroline wouldn’t leave my side so she didn’t participate at all.  Jackson did well in the beginning when the coach was giving specific instructions when they were practicing but then when the started to scrimmage Jack froze and had no clue what to do.  I guess that’s my fault for not really showing him beforehand what a soccer game looks like with only 1 ball in use.  It ended in tears for him and lots of frustration for me, and I know I didn’t handle it as well as I should have.  They are not looking forward to soccer this Saturday so if you have any advice I’d love to hear it!

I’m OBSESSED with my paint sprayer I bought recently!  It’s a game changer for painting projects.  I’m going to bring it down to my family’s beach house this summer and will use it to repaint the rocking chairs we have on the porch there.  Maybe I’ll even repaint the picket fence for fun.  It’s that good!  Had I known what a game changer it would be (and how affordable they are) I would have bought one years ago.

I recently ordered these woven raffia sandals on Etsy after my friend Michelle of Iron and Twine shared them.  They look just like the Carrie Forbes pair I’ve drooled over for years thanks to the ladies of Palm Beach Lately who wear them, but they’re a fraction of the cost.  They ship from Morocco though, so shipping takes a while but I can’t wait for them to arrive!

A recent trip to Homegoods brought me so much joy.  We didn’t have the store in Hawaii so this is my first time back in a while and spring and summer stuff is always the best there.  I went yesterday and found some great rattan chargers, replacement cushions for our outdoor loveseat and 2 of my roadside chairs, a pretty striped quilt, a tall blue and white Chinoiserie vase to fill the void on my mantle, a blue and white lidded box, and a chair to use at the desk I just painted.  So many fun things!

I’ve been loving the fresh stir fry kits at Trader Joe’s.  They’re found in the salad section and come with either brown rice or soba noodles.  To add a little protein I’ll also bake salmon with the TJ’s Soyaki sauce or add red Argentine shrimp to the pan.  Such a quick and delicious meal!

I have this cotton terry crewneck sweatshirt in my cart to purchase the next time J.Crew has a good sale.  I love their sweatshirts and I think I’ll wear a white one all the time and it will go with everything!  I already have this navy one from J.Crew Factory and it’s incredible too, just wish it came in white!

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  1. Shari
    April 14, 2021 / 6:38 pm

    I’m a huge TJs fan and hadn’t heard of the fresh stir fry kits before now! I usually use their frozen stir fry veggies, same as you mentioned, with either salmon in soyaki or the red Argentinian shrimp. I’ll definitely pick some up next visit ~ thanks!

    Oh, and I love the way the dresser turned out. Not too icy at all IMO.


    • April 14, 2021 / 9:44 pm

      They are so good! I randomly noticed them about 2 months ago and even my husband who isn’t crazy about most vegetables loves the soba noodle one. Hope you like them as much as we do! And thanks about the dresser 🙂 It’s growing on me and I think that as long as I use some darker colors on top it should be ok. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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