Recent Amazon Purchases, 3/10/21

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Peering into someone’s Amazon cart is akin to peering into someone’s soul, don’t you think?  You can get anything and everything from this online retailer and it’s always fun to learn what others are purchasing.  Here are our Amazon purchases from the past few months!  (And you can always visit my Amazon shop to see other things that have caught my eye.)

This faux bamboo flatware (dishwasher-safe and very affordable) is even prettier in person and I can’t wait to host an outdoor get-together once it’s warm )and permissible) again.  The kids will be receiving these pajamas in their Easter baskets (we love the long/long version and I know the short/short version will get a lot of use once it’s hot outside.  The girls will receive these flower sunglasses in their baskets too.  These beautiful blue and white painted chopsticks cut down on the need for disposable chopsticks and I’ve been using them to eat my poke bowls.  My orchid is in a growth phase right now (growing leaves and roots) but isn’t currently flowering, so I placed two faux orchid stems in the pot with my live plant and now it looks like it’s blooming again!  These faux orchids look really realistic and I’ll just remove them once mine starts to grow flowers again.  These faux bamboo frames are stunning and would make a beautiful gift.  We’ve placed an Alexa in Jack’s room and it has really helped with quiet time.  He’ll ask it to tell him a story and he plays and listens and has been doing a better job of staying in room while the girls nap.  (You can set it on kid-mode so that they can only access things that are age appropriate.)

All of our other purchases can be found below!  Just click an item and it’ll take you right to it.

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