20 Most Popular Clothing Items from 2020

walmart avia pullover

2020 was a year of getting back to basics, and I’d say that the 20 most popular pieces I shared this past year would reflect that.  I aim to share pieces that work for anyone, and these have been put to the test and work great even for a mom of little ones.  I prefer pieces that will (hopefully) stand the test of time and hold a place in my/your wardrobe for years to come due to their simplicity, timelessness and practicality.  Here are the top 2020 reader favorites from 2020!  (Excluding Amazon finds because I can’t see the specific data on purchases from there.  I’ll share top Amazon purchases from 2020 in a later post!)  Did you buy any of these top 20 items from 2020?

1.  My Favorite Denim Shorts

j.crew merrill denim shorts

These have been my favorite denim shorts since 2018 and they are still incredible!  Highly recommend them because they have a high rise (but not too high) and they’re not too casual yet not too matronly.  They’re perfection and were a favorite for a reason!  They run tts.

2.  Curvy Toothpick Jeans

j.crew curvy toothpick jeans

The very best skinny jeans, especially if you have a curvier shape with a smaller waist but large bottom/hips.  These fit like a dream and run tts.  I’ve had mine for a couple of years and still sing their praises and wear them on repeat.

3.  Walmart Quilted Pullover

avia quilted pullover

I didn’t discover this quilted pullover until the very end of December and it still ended up at the top of the list, that’s how much you all (and I) loved it!  This quilted pullover with kangaroo pockets is under $20 and looks very high end.  I’ve loved running in mine but it’s cute enough to wear even if you aren’t working out.

4.  Walmart Fleece Turtleneck

time and tru fleece sweatshirt

Dudley Stephens fleece turtlenecks were also on the list, but you guys (and I) loved this affordable alternative.  It’s incredibly soft and comes in a number of colors and runs tts.  For more affordable alternatives to Dudley Stephens check out this post.

5.  New Balance Sneakers

new balance fresh foam arishi running shoes

I’ve been wearing this style of New Balance running shoes for a few years and really love the affordable price.  They’re also pretty sleek and not too flashy, and they’re a good middle ground when it comes to cushion.  I remove the insoles and replace them with Dr. Scholl’s athletic insoles that I’ve cut down to size.  Size up half a size from your regular shoe size.

6.  Dainty Diamond Necklace

tiffany dainty diamond necklace

The necklace I wear daily and never take off is this one from Tiffany & Co. and I’ve had it for over a decade.  It’s simple and classic and goes with everything, and it makes a statement in the most understated way.  This more affordable alternative that I found on Etsy looks exactly the same though!  If you want to get the exact look of the one I have, choose yellow gold, a 16 inch chain and a .08 carat stone.

7.  Sophie Open-Front Sweater-Blazer

j.crew sophie sweater blazer

Sophie Sweater Blazer, oh how I love thee!  I own a number of these from over the years (navy, camel, blush, leopard print) and they are the best layering piece around.  They elevate any look, even if you just throw one over a white t-shirt.  You really can wear them any way and they are cozy and comfy too!

8.  Demi-Boot Crop Jeans

j.crew demi-boot crop jeans

This style of denim has been my go-to alternative to skinny jeans!  I’ve worn skinny jeans for a decade and it’s fun trying out a style that’s a little different.  My exact pair is from the summertime and sold out quickly, but this is the current version that looks quite similar.  A nice comfortable high rise, and a fun cropped “kick” just above the ankles makes these really fun.  I love to wear mine with sneakers and loafers, but they work great with an ankle boot too.

9.  Dudley Stephens Park Slope Fleece Turtleneck

park slope turtleneck

The only thing that made me excited to move away from Hawaii last spring was the ability to finally wear cute cool-weather clothing!  A Dudley Stephens Park Slope Turtleneck was on the top of my list and I have amassed quite the collection (they have a great rewards program and you earn credit when you share your referral code with others, and it also saves your friend $25 on their first purchase).  My favorite colors are hunter green (above), off white, camel, natural blush and navy blue.

10.  Sorel Out N About Booties

sorel out n about booties

I’m wearing these boots as I write this blog post!  These boots are a great alternative to Ugg boots for a few reasons.  First, they’re more affordable.  Second, they’re water friendly so they make more sense on a slushy or snowy day.  Third, the sole has more traction to it so you won’t slip and fall quite so easily.  I’d recommend sizing up half a size or a full size.  I sized up a full size due to availability and placed a Dr. Scholl’s insole underneath the insole that came with the shoes and now they’re extra comfy and that also helped fill in the extra space, since they were slightly too large.  (Just and FYI, I also ordered my regular size and knew they would not work out as soon as I put them on because they were too snug.)

11.  White Superga Sneakers

white superga sneakers

I love these simple white sneakers and how versatile they are.  They don’t make a statement on their own so they work with dresses, jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, patterns, and solids alike.  They’re a great shoe for traveling (I wrote a whole blog post on them after our trip to Ireland in 2019) and they run true to size.  And thanks to the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers, these still look acceptable (and even trendy?) if they get beat up and dirty.  I thrown them in the wash with oxiclean on occasion though 🙂  They’re $65 and go on sale often too.

12.  Olive (and Cream) Demi-Boot Crop Pants

olive green pants

These pants have been my go-to on days I don’t wear denim.  The kick at the hem is so fun and they’re a great upgrade to the olive chinos I used to wear.  They have a comfortable and flattering high rise and if you don’t have an olive pair of pants in your wardrobe already then I highly recommend these.  (The cream colored pair is perfect too, especially for winter white outfits.)  They run true to size.

13.  Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

cobble hill turtleneck

The perfect fleece to wear with leggings is the Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck.  It has pockets and it fantastic for those cold mornings when you want to look chic yet you don’t really want to change out of pajamas.  I will say that I prefer my Park Slope turtlenecks, but I like having one of this style in my closet for when I want a little bit of a change.  It also has pockets!  I have my normal size small but would probably be happier with a medium due to my hips.

14.  Striped Rash Guard

lands end long sleeve striped rash guard

If you like classic clothing then the only rash guard you need as an adult is this blue and white striped rash guard!  It’s chic, it’s simple, and it looks great over a swimsuit or with a pair of shorts for a day in the sun.  It runs large so I sized down one size.

15.  White Walmart Sneakers

walmart sneakers

Looking for a cheap alternative to Allbirds sneakers?  Then get these stylish logo-free sneakers from Walmart.  They’re not wool, like Allbirds are, but their simplicity and comfort make them a pretty great alternative, and you cant beat the $19.98 price tag.  They run true to size.  I have these for athleisure outfits, not for actual working out.

16.  Button Front Pajamas

navy blue button down pajamas

I’m a sucker for a set of pajamas, and since I’ve been nursing for ages (it seems), button front pajamas are the way to go, most of the time.  These are so comfortable and I have this style in 4 different colors.  The are so so soft, and I love the long sleeve and pants version too, and if you get both sets you can mix and match!  (I recommend sizing up one size to make them cozier.)  This past week I’ve been wearing the shorts with the long sleeve top.  And at just around $20 it’s totally doable to get both!  I also have the $19.99 long sleeve nightgown from the same brand (amazing, especially in early postpartum days) and this short sleeve sleep shirt version from Amazon (I sized up 2 sizes in this Amazon one when I bought it last summer).  Can you tell I like navy blue with white piping?  I really want this matching robe now, too.  It’s exactly what I was looking for to wear at the hospital when I gave birth but could never find anything like it until now!

17.  lululemon Sculpt Tank

lululemon running tank

My go-to running tank for the past few years is the sculpt tank from lululemon!  It runs normal size-wise for lulu (which is a size up from your regular clothing size).  It’s breathable and great for those sweaty runs in the summertime.

18.  Striped Boatneck Shirt

j.crew striped boatneck top

The perfect striped t-shirt, if you ask me.  I love a boatneck top and this one is designed perfectly so that you don’t have to worry about bra straps showing.  (The neckline isn’t too wide.)  I love to wear it with shorts, jeans, white jeans, and olive jeans too.  Totally versatile and a wardrobe essential.  It runs true to size.

19.  Nursing Camisole

slimming nursing camisole

The very best affordable nursing tank to wear under clothing.  I wore these when I nursed Caroline, wore them all pregnancy, and wear them now while nursing Tate.  They’re great because the bra is built in and the back is smooth and prevents any bra-bulge.   They’re great for keeping your tummy covered while nursing, too!  (I don’t really care about that in the summer but in the winter it helps you stay a little warmer, especially if you end up having to nurse while you’re out and about.)

20.  Chateau Parka

j.crew coat with faux fur trim hood

I’ve really loved this warm and stylish coat this fall and winter!  The faux fur on the hood is removable and it runs true to size.

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