Nursing Friendly Christmas Pajamas

nursing friendly Christmas pajamas

I recently realized that this will be my 6th Christmas in a row that I’ve nursed a baby.  CRAZY!  My 3 kids were born in September, November and December so it just so happened that I nursed/will nurse them each for 2 Christmases.  (I weaned my first at 14 months and second at 17 months, and I’m at 11 months with Tate and she’s showing no signs of stopping.  It’s sad to think about weaning my last baby but I’m also kind of ready to have my body be my own again.)  It’s possible to nurse in tops without buttons, but for nighttime I prefer pajamas with buttons just to make things easier if/when I need to feed them.  Below are some darling button-front Christmas pajamas that will work well if you’re a nursing mom, and also if you aren’t!  Just click the image and you’ll be taken right to the item.  I have this striped nightgown (with matching pajamas for the kids) and also a tartan nightgown that looks similar to this one.  I don’t need another one this year, but if I do decide to get one it’ll be but this $20 striped red one!

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