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Has anyone else been on a big Amazon kick since the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing?  It’s just so much easier and less stressful than venturing out to an actual store!  I sure do miss leisurely Target trips though.  Anyway, when it comes to Amazon I always enjoy seeing what people buy since it can often be a bit overwhelming to hunt for your own favorites, so here are some of the things we’ve ordered the past few months.  (Also, if you’re ever wondering what we’ve tried or what I have my eye on you can head to my Amazon shop where I’ve curated different lists for things like kids, home and clothing and I try to update it regularly!)

And as always, if you happen to need something and decide to shop I always appreciate it when you do so after clicking my links (you don’t have to purchase the exact thing I link to)!  I receive a small commission for sharing and it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Just think of it as an easy way to help support Stripes and Whimsy if you enjoy this kind of content!


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Tinkle dorco peach fuzz razors1.  I use these Tinkle Dorco eyebrow razors to remove peach fuzz on my face every couple of weeks.  They make your makeup go on so much smoother and easily get rid of peach fuzz.  They’re also good for cleaning up around your eyebrows.  I first blogged about them in this old blog post about new beauty habits.


rattan hoop earrings

2.  If you’re looking for a cute affordable pair of rattan earrings then these are for you!  They’re only $10.99 and come in this light version and a darker version.

3.  We’re on our second pair of these cute flower sunglasses for Caroline since she snapped an arm off over a year ago.  They’re SO adorable and come in a number of different colors.  We went with white so that they’ll go with more outfits.  $15.99.


brown leather apple watch band for men


4.  Tom got an Apple watch a few months ago and because I’ve been so happy with my brown leather Apple Watch band from Amazon I decided to order him one too.  He has this one in the Retro Brown color and it’s only $14.99.  Looks really nice!


nursing sports bra


5.  I’ve been wearing this nursing friendly sports bra for nearly 3 years and decided to order a second one.  It’s not technically a nursing bra but it functions as one because you can undo the adjustable straps.  I swear by this bra!  It has a hook and eye closure in the back too so you can adjust the band easily.  Can’t recommend this enough if you’re nursing or if you like a lot of support while exercising.  Only $25.99.  (I’d say it run slightly small.)

cute reversible cushioned baby mat with alphabet and moroccan design6.  I LOVE this reversible cushioned play mat!  After moving away from Hawaii (where our entire home was carpeted) we needed a soft place for the kids to play that worked for a baby too.  Bonus points for cuteness, and this one checks the block!  We keep it on the alphabet side in the playroom (juvenile but actually aesthetically pleasing) but the Moroccan side is pretty too.  It wipes clean when your baby spits up on it and is nice and cushioned for babies and toddlers alike.  We have the large one and it’s pretty substantial in size.  Large is $149.95.

blue and white striped midi dress amazon


7.  I shared this striped midi-dress on Stories a few weeks ago but it’s worth sharing here!  It’s incredibly comfortable and flattering and looks much more expensive than $27.99.  The top is smocked and the flutter sleeves are nice and feminine.  I’m 5’5″ and 130 lbs and got the 4-6 and it fits perfectly.

cute round baby pacifier in pink and white

8.  Crazy how picky some babies can be when it comes to pacifiers, isn’t it?  Tate likes these cute BIBS round pacifiers but unfortunately tends to prefer the wubbanub instead.  I think these pacifiers are about a million times cuter though and they come in a bunch of colors.  The rounded nipple helps it stay in their mouth.


mini micro scooter lean to steer scooter

9.  If you’re going to get your kids scooters you absolutely want to get them Micro scooters.  You lean to steer with them and they roll so smoothly.  We got this mini sized Micro scooter in pink for Caroline (for ages 2-5) and got this larger Maxi size for Jack (made for kids ages 5-12).  Jack is a pro on his now but Caroline still needs some practice.  All the kids around here have them and love them!  Any time we go on a walk now Jack rides his scooter.  They’re pricy but I promise they are worth the money because other scooters just don’t compare.  (We had a radio flyer one before we got these and immediately took it to goodwill because it’s not nearly as functional or smooth.)


boys helmet for scootering


10.  Jack needed a new helmet so I ordered this helmet for him.  He has a pretty big head for his age and I got him the 3-8 year size and it’s perfect!  It comes in a bunch of different colors and is $26.99.



stroller fan with USB charging cord


11.  We needed a fan for the stroller so I bought this one that allows you to wrap it around the bumper bar (or whatever else you need to wrap it around).  It also is charged by USB so you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries!  Only $18.69.


12.  We needed a countertop microwave for our new house and we ended up getting this Black+Decker one because it has a pretty small footprint, got good reviews and doesn’t take up a ton of counter space.  It still fits a full sized plate but wouldn’t really fit anything larger.


affordable blue metal bistro set


13.  I shared this blue bistro set on my front porch transformation blog post and I’m totally in love with it.  It’s beautiful and simple and we use it almost daily.  If you’re looking for a great bistro set then get this one for $109.99!  It also comes in a number of different colors.


waterproof bistro lights for patio decor


14.  We hung these bistro string lights over our back patio and love them!  They’re industrial quality and made to be outside in the wind and rain and they look beautiful lit up in the evening.  I bought them for $69.99 but now they’re on sale for $59.99!


adhesive stove guard

15.  Our stove is in a bit of a precarious spot on the end of the kitchen counter, so I bought these stove guards to make sure the kids can’t burn themselves.  I haven’t put them up yet but they make a whole lot of sense!


slipcover for wingback chair


16.  I got a little tired of our pink wingback chairs but am not ready to invest the money to get them reupholstered.  I ordered these stretchy slipcovers in cream (currently only available in navy and gray) and have been pleased with them considering that they’re not custom and that they’re only $36.99.


owlet smart sock replacement

17.  We have the Owlet Smart Sock monitor for Tate and I absolutely LOVE it and it deserves a blog post all of it’s own because it has been a game changer when it comes to peace of mind while I sleep with an infant in the house.  I hope to get a chance to write that soon!  I misplaced the largest Owlet sock during our move and had to order a replacement to go with our sensor, since Tate recently outgrew the medium sock.  I hate that I had to buy a replacement but thankfully it wasn’t too expensive.

no show socks for sneakers

18.  When I wear my white sneakers (non-athletic) with shorts and dresses I like to wear athletic-feeling sneaker liners with them.  These no-show socks are perfect and are $9.95 for a pack of 3.  They don’t slip down at all!


amazon high rise leggings

19.  I’ve been singing the praises of these high rise athletic leggings for close to 2 years now.  They’re the best!  The material has changed a little bit since my first few pairs though.  They now have a bit more compression, which I like, but they also have the tendency to roll down on the waistband, which I don’t like.  But for $25 you can’t beat them and I still love them as much as I always have!  I like the 7/8 length, adore the outer pockets, and I think you can easily wear them as regular pants with a longer top in addition to their intended athletic purpose.  I wore them my entire pregnancy too, but no you probably want to size up for that now that they’ve updated the fabric.  They’re amazing on a postpartum belly too, and I lived in them during those first few months.  They’re great for running, weight lifting, etc. and I can’t recommend them enough!  I now have the following colors in the old fabric: black, navy, deep grey camo, olive green, and in the new fabric I have smoky green (gorgeous!), steel blue (also gorgeous), mauve pink and black.  Can you tell I love them?  The used to run true to size but now I’d say they’re on the smaller side of true to size, so if you’re torn between 2 sizes I’d probably size up.

adhesive paper blackout shades


20.  These adhesive paper blackout shades are a game changer!  They’re great for blocking out the light in kids’ rooms and even do the job during nap time!  We’re using them in a funky window in Jack’s room, and also in the playroom on windows behind the television.  You cut them to the size you need and then just peel off the stripe and they adhere to the window or window pane.  They come 6 to a pack and are currently $26.40.

mattress for pack and play


21.  We tried to have the girls share a room but now Tate sleeps in the pack and play in the playroom because they kept disturbing each other.  I got this foam playard mattress that fits perfectly inside the Graco pack and play with no extra space, and she’s sleeping incredibly well now that her mattress is a little bit less hard than the padded board one that comes with the pack and play.  (It feels like a regular crib mattress now.)


ride on car battery charger


22.  We lost the charger for the ride on car we were given for Jack’s first birthday (that could never be used in Hawaii because we lived in a strict condo neighborhood), so we ordered this charger and now the kids can actually use the car!


bamboo clothing rack


23.  I wanted a clothing rack for my office/overflow closet in the 3 seasons room so I ordered this bamboo clothing rack that Natalie Borton always uses in her style videos.  I love it and it’s only $42.99!


folding kiddie pool

24.  Yep, we bought a dog pool to use as a kiddie pool… and it’s awesome!  It folds up really easily, you don’t have to inflate it and you don’t have to worry about it popping!  Plus it’s much cheaper than most baby pools these days since everyone wants them because of being home so much due to COVID-19.  We got the XL size and it’s only $58.88.


Calmer Easier Happier Boys


25.  Jack will be 5 in November and we’ve been struggling with behavior since the beginning of the pandemic.  Our sweet and energetic boy was thriving in full time preschool and it’s been tough on him being out of a routine (and moving across the world during a pandemic).  My Insta-friend eastcoastnat recommended the book Calmer Easier Happier Boys and it should be arriving any day now.  I need all the advice I can get when it comes to our little guy and hope this book can help.


The Explosive Child book


26.  Another book that was recommended by a number of Instagram followers was The Explosive Child.  I’ve read a few pages and I honestly don’t think it completely fits the issues we’re dealing with with Jack, but I’m going to keep reading to see if I can gain some helpful parenting skills anyway.  I’ve heard so many great things about the author, Ross W. Green, Ph.D.


affordable Roku tv

27.  We purchased a small Roku tv for the Fripp Island, SC beach house at the beginning of April and liked the functionality of it so much that we just ordered one for our house here. We needed a smaller tv for the downstairs living room (we moved our big TV upstairs to the playroom and us our Fire TV stick to stream things there) and this one got really great reviews and it’s under $200 for a 40 inch screen.  With a Roku tv all of the streaming apps are loaded on the actual tv so it’s really easy to stream the shows we watch.  (We haven’t had cable for over 3 years and don’t miss it at all.  Great way to save a little money too!  I blogged about that a while back in this post.)


Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline

28.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Another friend recommended Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline and I’m looking forward to reading it.  Sounds like Jack exactly.  No discipline techniques truly work on him (and I feel like we’ve tried them all) so I’m hoping this will provide some new techniques.


The Whole Brain Child


29.  And continuing on…I’ve seen The Whole-Brain Child referenced for years and finally decided to buy it.  Should arrive in the mail this week.


short sleeve button front nightgown


30.  I love pajamas.  Matching sets are my go-to but I also love a good nightshirt.  This cute button front nightshirt looks like it would be great for nursing and I love that it’s navy blue with white trim.  It also comes in gray, black and light blue!  It hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll be sure to share how it fits on Stories.  I’m normally a small but heard it runs big (Megan Stokes originally shared it) so I got a large.  We’ll see.  It’s $26.99.

Do you like these kinds of posts?  Please let me know and I’ll be sure to continue sharing the random Amazon purchases we make!


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