My Recent Podcast Interview: “Why Should I Stop Obsessing Over Diet and Exercise?”

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Today I am honored to share a candid and emotional interview on the Why Should I? PodcastThe episode is titled “Why Should I Stop Obsessing Over Diet and Exercise?” and I opened up about the struggle with bulimia and disordered eating that held me prisoner in my own mind and body for years. I shared how I broke free from the obsessive mindset, I talk a bit about my West Point cadet and Afghanistan deployment days, the death of my first husband in combat, why running became my therapy, my go-to meals these days, my health philosophy that I learned from my mother (“everything in moderation”), how I approach getting back in shape after having babies (it’s all about grace, patience and consistency!), and how I finally found peace through all of the ups and downs. I’d be humbled and would truly appreciate it if you’d take the time to listen. It’s a long podcast because we covered a whole lot, but it’s raw and honest and will help you get to know me and my story a bit better. If you listen I’d love to hear your thoughts here! (You can find the podcast here on Apple podcasts/iTunes or on Spotify.)

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