Favorite Woven and Natural Fiber Items

Woven, straw, natural fiber, rattan, cane, wicker, raffia, seagrass…whatever you want to call it…is a HUGE trend this summer.  Natural fibers have always been a popular material for coastal homes, but this season it’s popping up on bags, drinking glasses, shoes, beds and earrings and I’m absolutely loving it!  The main reason I love it so much is because it’s a neutral, so the texture adds visual interest but it doesn’t compete with other colors that may be in your outfit or home.  Here are my favorite home and wardrobe woven and natural fiber pieces that are available now!  Most are nice and affordable but I threw in a few larger pieces because I thought they were so fun and I couldn’t resist 🙂  Even if you don’t live by the coast now is a great time to add a few natural material items to your home and wardrobe!

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Favorite Woven and Natural Fiber Pieces

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  1. Beachy Lidded Baskets.  Perfect for storing toys, knick knacks, and laundry.
  2. Rattan Earrings. I have this pair with two rattan disks and I love how lightweight they are as well as the $11.99 price tag.
  3. Seagrass Wrapped Drinking Glasses.  I just added 4 highball glasses ($14 each) and 4 tumblers ($12 each) to our kitchen and donated our old drinking glasses that I’ve had for ages.  The glasses remove from the woven part for easy washing!  So obsessed with these, as well as the matching carafe!  They aren’t astronomically expensive either, although I did just find these (which I think are exactly the same) that come as a set of 6 for a few dollars cheaper per glass.
  4. Rattan and Tortoise Earrings.  Very similar to the two disk pair, these are a bit smaller and have a pretty blonde tortoise piece at the top.  Only $12.99.
  5. Straw Hat with Blush Ribbon. New favorite hat!  The blush color is perfect (it’s woven into the straw too, but isn’t over the top pink), adjustable, not floppy and under $22.  Also available here but it’s a bit more expensive.
  6. Woven Waste Basket.  I bought this for our guest bathroom and it looks so nice!  You could even remove the plastic trash liner and use it as a basket if you wanted to.  Such a great price.
  7. Wicker Handled Tote Bag. This was a recent impulse purchase and I love the wicker handle and the slate blue color of the leather.  Plus it can be used as a crossbody bag, which is really important to me as a mom of two young toddlers (gotta have my hands free).  $58, which isn’t cheap but it’s more affordable than I’d expected.  Oh and it comes in 6 pretty colors!
  8. Woven Mules. I’ve been wearing these consistently since I bought them (see photo above).  I love them paired with a maxi dress, white denim pants, and even with shorts.  They’re amazing and I may even buy an extra pair in case I ever wear out my current pair.  They’re only $24.99 but they feel and look high end.  They’re true to size and I got my normal size 8.
  9. Straw Crossbody Bag.  I scooped this one up recently because it was only $17.99 and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Small but not too small, crossbody (you can tuck the strap inside the bag to use as a clutch though), no crazy details like embroidery, and super duper affordable.
  10. Round Rattan Placemats. These would look great no matter what color your dishes are!
  11. Rattan Hurricane Candle Holders. These would look really pretty on an indoor dining table or on an outdoor patio table!  Very affordable too.
  12. Round Rattan Mirror. This mirror is a great size and it’s not too heavy.  Perfect for a hallway, over a bed or over a dresser.  Under $50.
  13. Raffia Earrings.  I wear my raffia earrings (last year’s version) all the time.  They go with everything!
  14. Seagrass Woven Elephant Bust.  How cute would this be in a nursery or child’s room?
  15. Rattan Day Bed. This would be a dream in a little girl’s room or in a sunroom or sleeping porch.  Much cheaper than other versions I’ve seen too.
  16. Basket Backpack.  This was one of my best purchase from last year, I love it so much!  You get the basket bag look but it’s easy to carry if you’re wrangling toddlers!
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