Easy Park Bench Workout

bench step ups

On days that I run in our neighborhood I often stop at a bench somewhere along the way to do a little strength training workout.  This routine is quick and easy to squeeze in, especially if you’re already out on a run or walk!  You could easily do this routine on a bench, stairs, or even a curb.

I typically do this workout as a super set, which means I go through and do one round of each of the 4 exercises, and then go through the whole rotation again.  Most of the time I’ll do 2 complete sets of 15 repetitions, but you can easily alter that if you want to do more or less.  If you’d like to watch a video on how I do each exercise you can click here to see the one I posted to IGTV!!

bench dips

– Dips.  Place hands on the bench and extend your legs out in front of you.  The farther you put your legs out the more difficult it will be.  Bend your elbows and try to get them to a 90 degree angle, and then press back up.  Repeat for a total of 15 times.

– Single leg step-ups.  (See the very top image.)  Plant one leg firmly on a bench and keep it there for the duration of the exercise.  Step up so that your other toes touch the top of the bench, then step back down quickly and repeat 15 times.  Change legs and do it again (this is one complete set).  Make sure your knee stays over your toes so that you don’t injure yourself.

bench pushups

– Push-ups.  Keeping your back straight and bottom down, do 15 push-ups with hands on the bench.  Try to get your arms all the way down to a 90 degree angle.  

bench crunches

– Bench crunches.  Balance on the bench with hands at your side for stability.  Crunch in and out with upper body and legs 15 times.

– Complete the entire workout above again, or even a third time.   

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  1. February 6, 2019 / 7:08 pm

    I've always loved your exercise posts!

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