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Thanksgiving will be here tomorrow, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and shopping for the ones you love!  When I create a gift guide I only include items I’d personally love to receive.  It takes me forever going through all the different websites but I think it’s important to stay true to my timeless and classic style because I think that’s why you guys like to follow along!  So, here are 14 holiday gifts for all the ladies in your life.  They range in price from $15.99 (the candle) to $129.99 (the dish set), but most hover around $50.  I hope this helps you with your shopping and if you have requests for any other gift guides please let me know!  I’m planning on making one for young kids and also one for men too, so make sure to check back later for more ­čÖé   

1.  This Turkish towel is so pretty and can be used as a throw or as a towel.  Lots and lots of color options but I’m partial to the blue and white one.

2.  I love living in Hawaii but this monogrammed faux fur hat makes we wish we lived some place with seasons…at least for a day or two.  Nothing beats a personalized gift and any girl who loves classic style is sure to love this hat!

3.  I have the raffia version of these earrings and would love to add the navy dreamcatcher earrings to my collection.  They’re pretty lightweight and make a fun statement without being over the top.

4.  This candle smells exactly like Anthropologie’s signature scent, but at a fraction of the cost.  Plus you can save the bowl once the candle is gone and use it as a cereal bowl or an accent bowl around your house.  

5.  If I could give everyone this Best of Beautycounter set I would.  It’s a great introduction to the skincare company, and it includes four safe yet highly effective products.  I use the Brightening Facial Oil every other night, I use the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturize Lotion every morning, I just used the Balancing Charcoal Mask last night for the first time and looooved it, and I don’t have the Cleansing Balm yet but have heard it’s an incredible and versatile product.  Oh and the best part is that Beautycounter is offering an incredible 15% off and free shipping on orders over $50 through Monday, November 26th so now is the time to try these products yourself and to buy them for the ones you love!  (I’m a Beautycounter consultant so if you have any questions or would like recommendations please let me know.  If you’d like to know which skincare products I use you can read my post about my thoughts on Beautycounter and here is my post on the Beautycounter makeup I’ve tried!)

6.  These scallop tortoise shell earrings are so fun and would go with everything.  Tortoise shell is the best because it’s so versatile!

7.  I had a similar pair of faux fur earmuffs back when I lived in DC and I wore them on the way to work every single day in the winter.  I love that they don’t mess up your hair and they’re super cute!  This pair comes in 3 different colors.

8.  I have this monogrammed weekender bag and I’m crazy about it.  It’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway and I love the preppy monogram and blue and white color scheme.

9.  This is the most versatile scarf ever and I’ve owned mine for 7 years.  You can wear it as a normal scarf, snap it and wear it as an infinity scarf, and it’s super soft and stretchy so I also bring it on flights because it can double as a travel blanket.  I also used it as a carseat cover and nursing cover.  Seriously, best scarf ever and it goes with athletic clothes and regular clothes!

10.  I have a vintage set of blue willow dishes (that I found at a thrift store) but my mom has had this Churchill blue willow dinner set for 25 years and they’re just as good as a more expensive set.  I use ours every single day and never tire of them.  Blue and white can do no wrong and I mix my blue willow dishes with other blue and white patterns as well as plain white dishes.  This is such a timeless pattern (my grandmother had an antique set of blue willow dishes too) and it’s the perfect gift for the blue and white lover in your life.  Only $129 for 20 pieces (4 place settings)!

11.  I’m a sucker for pajama sets and this one is timeless and stylish.  Here is a cheaper option that I also love.  I have 2 pairs and they’re so comfy.

12.  This woven vase is nice and simple and would work with any kind of decor!

13.  Y’all know I love my stripes, and I think the sleeves give this classic striped shirt a fun little twist.  This shirt comes in many different color options and there is even a stripe/leopard print combo!

14.  I have one of these Healthy Human Tumblers and love it.  Keeps cold drinks cold for ages (I use it for smoothies) and also keeps hot drinks hot (I keep a full mug of hot coffee in my gym locker when I run and drink it afterwards).  You can use the code KCASTIL10 for 10% off of Healthy Human products on Amazon!  It comes in so many different colors and 3 different sizes, and also included a metal straw.  Oh and the water bottles are incredible too and keep water icy cold even here in Hawaii.

As always, I appreciate it so much when you use my links!  Shopping through them helps make the time commitment worth it because I receive a small commission from your purchase and it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Your support means the world and it helps me contribute to my little family!

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  1. November 21, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    That Lulu scarf is my absolute favorite! I love mine and you're so right – the versatility is AMAZING! It's a gift any woman could love and find use for. Definitely looking into that yummy candle!!

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