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blue and white stripes

striped shirt (old, similar option) // white jeans (similar option) // tote c/o Crab & Cleek // monogrammed sandals // earrings (raffia no longer available but there are 3 other pretty colors) // Caroline’s shirt // Caroline’s bow

Oh stripes, I just can’t get enough of you.  Stripes of any kind are great, but blue and white stripes speak straight to my heart.  There is something so classic and timeless about the pattern and I often dress the whole family in it because I simply can’t help myself.

blue and white stripes

Today we are starting back with our monthly “Mommy Monday” posts, where a few other bloggers and I introduce you to a small business that we really love.  For this installment we are sharing Crab & Cleek, which is where my adorable French Sailor Shirt Tote is from.  They make canvas boat totes, tunics, and accessories that are a classic style lover’s dream.  

blue and white stripes

I use canvas totes all the time (Hawaii has outlawed plastic bags at all stores), so I always have a few in my car and also use them for our frequent beach and pool trips.  Crab & Cleek has so many fun patterns on their totes, including ginger jars, flamingos, tennis balls, and even the iconic Grand Wagoneer, though the striped shirt one is obviously my favorite.  The one I have is a large but they also come in medium.  As you can see below, the large one is big enough for a one year old to fit in it ­čÖé

As far as my outfit goes, the shirt I have on is old from Forever 21 (can you believe it?) and the white jeans are from Walmart.  I love high-low outfits because it’s proof that you really can find great pieces whatever your budget is.  This striped shirt (the ivory and navy option) looks almost exactly the same, if you want to snag a classic piece that will last you years and years.  The monogrammed Jack Rogers are one of my favorite pairs because I wore them with my wedding dress during our reception (which was almost 4 years ago!).  The earrings I have on are the raffia version, which unfortunately is no longer available.  I think they were only sold during the summer since raffia is such a summer texture, but they currently come in navy, gold or white, which would all be beautiful options for statement earrings.

Be sure to check out the blogs of the Mommy Monday ladies to see how they style their Crab & Cleek totes.  We are all moms and all have very different styles so it’s fun to see other ways to use them!

Mireille of City Peach
Nina of The HSS Feed
Mikaela of Mikaela J

Thanks to Crab & Cleek for sending me this tote.

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