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Five minute face

A couple weeks ago I shared my thoughts on Beautycounter, and up until that point I had only tried a few of the skincare products.  I was curious about their makeup line though so ordered some and have been using it for about 2 weeks.  I must say, I’m impressed!  Most products I really love, two are taking a little getting used to, but over all I’m very happy I bit the bullet.  Here are my candid thoughts on the Beautycounter makeup products I’ve tried thus far.  I’m wearing my whole “five minute face” in the photo below, so you can see everything I mention in this post.  (I just got out of the shower in this photo so don’t mind the wet hair!)   

All the links will take you to my Beautycounter site (I’m a former skeptic-turned-consultant because after giving the company a shot I realized that I love their products), so if you think it’s time to give this safe beauty line a shot you can easily shop through me…and I would appreciate it so much if you did!  I will always share my true thoughts on products so I hope I can be a good resource for all of you who may be interested.  I love that the products are safer and they’re also extremely effective and high quality…you can read more of my thoughts on the company in this post from a few weeks ago.  Be sure to check my Instagram stories and IGTV today too because I’m going to upload a video showing how I do my “five minute face” so you can see how everything works.  

These are the Beautycounter makeup products I’m loving:

  • Sheer Lipstick.  This lipstick is heavenly and I’m wearing it in the photo above.  It is scented with vanilla and goes on incredibly smoothly.  The color is slightly sheer so it’s a great every day option and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy.  I’ve only tried the Rose shade and I love it.  Orchid is next on the list for me to try.  If you have a favorite shade please let me know!

  • Tint Skin Foundation.  I often shy away from liquid foundation because I have naturally oily skin, but this liquid foundation seems to help keep the oils at bay.  I have the honey shade which works well for my skin-tone in summery Hawaii weather.  I wear Countermatch Lotion under it which may also be helping my oil situation.  Countermatch adjusts to your skin throughout the day and I love how it feels on my skin.  

  • Color Define Brow Pencil.  Filling in my brows is a MUST and this brow pencil is great!  The color is nice (I have the medium shade) and I use small upward stokes to fill in sparse spots.  The pencil comes with a brush wand on the other end to help you blend everything and groom your brows.  I love this stuff! And if you don’t fill in your brows you are missing out.  Filled-in brows truly help to define your face and I think it is such an easy yet important step to include in any makeup routine.  (I do it daily even if the only other thing I’m wearing is mascara.)

  • Volumizing Mascara.  For the past year I’ve been using L’Oreal Lash Paradise which creates really dramatic lashes.  I love the full look, and while this safer mascara doesn’t have the same super-full effect I still really like it.  It doesn’t dry out or get clumpy which I really appreciate.  I apply 2 or 3 coats and it helps my eyelashes look nice and full.  (Full disclosure, I do use Rodan + Fields Lash Boost to make my eyelashes longer and that stuff is incredible and it WORKS!)
  • Color Pinch Cream Blusher.  I love non-powder blush.  I still use my Glossier Cloud Paint often (beam is my go-to color) but have been trying out this Beautycounter cream blush that is in stick form (it also works on lips and lids).  I have the Hibiscus shade and it is a rather intense pink so a little goes a long way (meaning the stick will probably last me a long time, which is good).  It comes in 3 colors and they are all very pretty. 

These are the products I’m still warming up to:

  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen.  I’ve never used concealer that has a brush on the end with a pumping mechanism for dispensing the products, so the application process is a little different than what I’m used to.  Getting the product flowing on the first use took a ton of pumping and I wasn’t sure it was ever going to start coming out.  Now it seems to only take one pump and it’s good to go though.  I do like how it looks once it’s on though, so I need to get over the application method.  I wear shade Medium 1.

  • Lip Gloss.  Truthfully, I’m not really a huge lip gloss fan, but if you are you will probably like this!  I typically prefer lipstick or a gloss without a wand because those tend to not be as sticky.  I don’t use glosses with wands often because I always think that if Caroline grabs my face it’ll be annoying to have to wipe the sticky lipgloss off of her fingers.  I have the Bare Shimmer shade which is a nice neutral color and the I also have the Dahlia shade.  Both look very pretty, but I think I prefer the sheer lipstick more.

If you want to try all of the products mentioned above you should definitely look into ordering the Flawless in Five collection because you get $187 worth of products for $150.  It comes with 6 full-sized products to help you look pulled together in just 5 minutes and it includes Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Color Define Brow Pencil, Volumizing Mascara, Satin Powder Blush, and a Lip Gloss.  (I have all of these products except for the powder blush, because I have been using the Color Pinch Cream Blush which comes in stick-form.)  

These are the Beautycounter products I want to try next:

  • Charcoal Cleansing Bar.  I’ve heard so many people rave about this product.  I hear it makes your skin feel nice and clean and that it lasts a long time.  I have oily skin and this product is perfect for oily and acne prone skin.  One tip I heard was to cut it into 4 pieces to make it last even longer.  So smart!
If you’re interested in trying out this safer skincare and makeup company I’d love to be your consultant!  You can shop on your own through any of the links above, or if you have questions feel free to shoot me an email at  I’ve already helped quite a few readers choose products that specifically address their concerns and I’d love to help you too! 
Oh and to see the other items in action that I included in the top photo you can go watch my Stories and I’ll save it all in my Beautycounter highlight on Instagram.  Here is the order I apply everything and links to all of the products as well:

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