15 Most Recent Amazon Purchases

Peeking into someone’s previous Amazon orders is kind of similar to peeking into their medicine cabinet, don’t you think?  We all order the most random things from Amazon I thought it would be fun to share my 15 most recent Amazon purchase with y’all today!  So here goes…

1.  Jack’s birthday is coming up and he’s super into Paw Patrol right now.  Every police car he sees he calls “Chase police car” so I know he’s going to love this Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser.

2.  I have this adjustable front sports bra and it’s really great if you’re a nursing mom.  While not technically a nursing bra it’s really supportive and you can undo the top straps so it works really well.  I’ve had my bra for over a year but bought this one for a friend who just had a baby.  It’s under $30 is it’s a great price too.

3.  I bought this portable nylon double hammock for Tom for Father’s Day.  It holds 2 people and we’ve hooked it up to 2 pillars on our lanai and swing in it sometimes after we put the kids to bed.  It’s super light weight so you can take it anywhere.

4.  I have yet to use these empty amber glass spray bottles because I’m not entirely sure what to put in them.  I have the DoTerra essential oils basic starter set so if you have a good combination for me to put in these please let me know!  I’m really interested in eliminating toxic chemicals from our home and it seems like cleaning with essential oils is a good start.

5.  I loved this Love to dream swaddle for Caroline and recently bought it for a friend’s baby shower gift too.  Your baby is able to keep their arms up while sleeping but they can’t startle themselves like they could if they weren’t swaddled at all.  This also comes in a different style with removable arms, so it’s great for when they’re transitioning out of being swaddled because you can use it as a sleep sack once you zip the arms off.  We had both versions and LOVED them.

6.  Jack is a challenging child and I need all the advice I can get.  I’ve heard great things about the parenting book No Drama Discipline.  Honestly I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet but I really need to crack it open.

7.  I’ve been making my own essential oil roller balls and use fractionated coconut oil as the base.  It doesn’t smell like coconut oil and it remains a liquid, which normal coconut oil does not.  See number 13 below for the roller balls I use and what I put in them.

8.  I ordered this tassel swim cover-up this summer and wear it all the time over my swimsuits.  It’s a great price and comes in lots of colors.

9.  I love putting a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my coffee in the morning.  I just discovered these are at Costco though, so if you have a store by you definitely get them there because they’re cheaper at Costco!  These help support you hair, skin, nails and joints and I have been using them for 6 or so months and really do think they help.

10.  This BLACK+DECKER Toy Drill is another one of Jack’s birthday gifts.  He loves the one his best friend has so I figured he needed his own.  We’ll see how long it takes before he tries to use the drill on Caroline…

11. I’ve been using this essential oil diffuser in our living room (when I can remember to turn it on).  There are so many great options out there but I went with this one because it’s a simple design and is pretty affordable.

12.  This Toy Loader and Backhoe is another birthday present for Jack.  He talks about backhoes all day so he’s going to love how big this one is.  I can’t wait for him to see it!  It’s all made of plastic which is good because diecast/metal toys can be so heavy and rather dangerous.

13.  I make my own essential oil rollers with these amber glass roll-on bottles.  I put a few drops of lavender in one and use it at bedtime on the kids’ backs and feet, and I also use it on myself.  I also have some filled with DoTerra On Guard to protect against seasonal threats.  I’d love to know what combinations of oils you use if you make your own roller balls too!

14.  This foldable playpen is great for babies that are younger than the pulling-up phase.  It is super light and folds completely flat and then just pops right up once you unfold it.  We used it on the beach a good bit with Caroline.  (Ok so it’s technically for dogs, thus the paw prints, but works great for babies too!)  We had the medium size but I’d probably go with the large one if we were to order it again.
15.  These tiny little water beads grow once you soak them in water!  They feel really neat and I’m pretty sure this small package will last us forever.  How do you guys use water beads with your kids?  I’m still not entirely sure what to do with them so if you have fun ideas please share!

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