The Hunt for the Perfect (and Affordable) Dining Chair Cushions

dining chair cushions

dining chair cushions | marble dining table (old from Crate & Barrel but this one is similar) | rug was purchased when I was deployed to Afghanistan

At long last, I’m back with a new post about decorating!  Our small, childproofed apartment doesn’t really lend itself to many updates these days so the topics to write about are few and far between.  BUT, today I have a topic that has been years in the making.  

dining chair cushions

If you recall, I found the thrift store score of a lifetime back in 2015 before Jack was born.  I found a full set of Ballard Designs Chinese Chippendale chairs for $49 (total) and then repaired them and painted them myself.  (They’re normally over $200 a piece!)  They came with some terribly ugly and dirty cushions that I immediately tossed in the trash.  And they have remained cushion-less ever since.  Here is the blog post about finding them, here is my post about making them over, and here is how I used them in our historic Fort Leavenworth, Kansas home.  (Also see the picture below.)

These chairs have made 3 moves since I found them and while really pretty and clean-looking without cushions they honestly haven’t been very comfy.  Over Labor Day weekend I finally I decided it was time to find some cushions that were pretty but didn’t break the bank.  And oh my gosh was that an endeavor.
If you Google “dining chair cushions” you will find countless beautiful options at Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Wayfair, Pier 1 Imports, etc. and the prices are astronomical.  Even for not very pretty ones.  I even searched Amazon and had no luck.  These navy blue ones with white piping were my ultimate dream but at $89 a piece I just couldn’t do it.  I tried to order these affordable and nice looking cushions from Hayneedle but once I put in my Hawaii shipping address the website said it would cost $150 just for shipping, so I immediately tossed them out as an option.  (Hayneedle also sells them through the Walmart website…and Walmart touts free shipping…but once I put in my shipping address they were immediately marked as “sold out.”  Definitely some shady stuff going on at Hayneedle.) 

After hours of searching I finally settled on the Stonewash Dasutti Chair Cushions from World Market.  We don’t have World Market here in Hawaii so I really went out on a limb with these.  The tufting wasn’t what I initially wanted and I wasn’t sure what the color looked like in person (I prayed it didn’t come across as purple) but the price was right ($16.99 a piece but $12.74 a piece with a Rewards Member discount) and shipping was only $25.  (Shipping is much cheaper to any place other than Hawaii.)  It came out to just under $100 total for the cushions and the shipping and they actually got here really quickly!  

dining chair cushions

I am so pleased with the design of these cushions and they do not look cheap at all.  They are very comfortable, fit the seat perfectly and I love the color so much!  My gut reaction was to buy navy cushions but honestly I think the coneflower blue is a perfect go-between for all the different shades of blue in my home.  These cushions also come in gray, cream, and some other nice colors so if you’re in the market for some dining chair cushions I can whole-heartedly say that I recommend these.  Just be sure to spray them down with Scotch Guard to make them a bit more durable since you can’t machine wash these. 

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  1. September 20, 2018 / 10:37 pm

    These look beautiful Katie!

  2. September 21, 2018 / 7:52 pm

    Thanks Kait! Now if only my dining table wasn't pushed to the side of the room like a weirdo lol. The kids are happy with the extra space though.

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