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Happy Friday y’all!  I figured I’d do a quick post to share a few updates on things and answer a couple questions I got asked these past 2 week (primarily on Instagram).

1.  The striped swimsuit I’m wearing in this photo is from J.Crew.  I got it last spring but they’re still selling it right now and it’s fully stocked in all sizes and also in red/white stripes!  Get it while you can!  The quality is fantastic and it’s easy to nurse in (if you’re breastfeeding like I am).  Pretty much every swimsuit I’ve purchased in the last 6 years has been from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory and I cannot recommend them enough.  

2.  The “mama” necklace I wore in this picture was from the most adorable shop called Scout Southern Market in Beaufort, SC.  Beaufort is so charming and Scout is by far my favorite store in town.  I searched the internet and found the exact one I have!  Here is the link to it, plus it’s also made in silver.  I really love mine and know any other mama out there would love it too! 

3.  I’ve been using my Wildbird Ring Sling a lot lately, as you may have noticed in some recent Instagram posts.  I think it’s all baby-dependent so if your baby likes facing inwards (like most do, I think) then they are wonderful. Caroline always contorts her body to try to face forward so I almost always have to use a hand to keep her supported.  I carry it with me in the stroller though because it’s so easy and quick to put on when she gets fussy and wants out of the stroller ASAP, and when I take Jack to preschool I carry her in it so I can drop her off quickly at the Y and then I don’t have to shove a bulky carrier into a small locker while I work out.  I primarily wear the Ergo 360 when we are out playing in the field so that I can have both hands completely free.  She is able to face forwards and likes it a lot.

4.  I am SO glad that Jack is in preschool now and it’s working out really well for him.  He still cries every time he gets dropped off but he calms down pretty quickly after I leave and whenever I catch a glimpse of him playing and learning I can tell he’s having a lot of fun.  I think he’s even a little more verbal now and willing to try to say more things.  I mentioned on Instagram a few days ago that he even will say mama now!  It’s not directed right at me but if I say “say mama” when he needs me then he will repeat it.  It’s certainly progress!  He says dada now too.  He’s the youngest in the class despite being one of the tallest, so I think the other kids are confused as to why he doesn’t talk yet.  It hurts my heart that he’s behind, but I don’t think he even notices.  Hopefully he will start to open up more and more and learn to communicate.  Early intervention and preschool and all the work I do with him should be helping, right?  Motherhood is so tough sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with delays and unknowns.  

Well I guess that’s it for now.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  

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