Men’s Holiday Gift Guide with Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark solid cologne | striped tie (Tom wore this at our wedding!) | monogrammed socks | leather iPhone wallet case | Movado watch | tartan tie (great as a pre-holiday gift to wear in photos) | Fulton & Roark 2-1 shampoo and body wash | Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses | monogrammed cuff links (a great and cheaper alternative to Tom’s pair from Tiffany & Co.) | Hemingway quote flask

Anyone else’s husband difficult to shop for?  Tom isn’t really into tech stuff, he wears an Army uniform most days (and we live in Hawaii) so there isn’t much need for suit accessories, and he’s always content with what he already has.  Over the years I’ve given some great gifts as well as a few that have fallen short, so today I’m sharing a few that have been real winners.  I’ve also included a few items from Fulton & Roark, a line of high quality men’s grooming products and solid colognes that smell amazing.  The company was started by a childhood friend of mine and I first blogged about Fulton & Roark back in 2014 (see the post here…although don’t judge the formatting because I was still getting the hang of blogging haha).  I bought Tom one of their solid colognes (Tybee) and he loved how handy it was and thought the scent was fantastic.  Since then, Fulton & Roark has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Southern Living, and many other publications and it’s neat to see my friend’s company making a name for itself.  Fulton & Roark just sent Tom a few of their newer products and he is a huge fan!  The company’s new cologne is Limited Reserve: Sterling and it smells sooooo good.  Tom even called it his new “signature scent” and he wears it everyday.  If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for your husband be sure to give Fulton & Roark a look (and use code MOMMYMONDAY15 to get 15% off of your purchase!).  Their colognes, 2-1 shampoo and body wash and all of their grooming products are a nice way for the man in your life to pamper himself.

Don’t mind the mess in the background…Tom was heading to the airport and I didn’t have a chance to clean before he left 🙂

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