Weekly Workout Recap: 7 Weeks Postpartum

shoes (I’ve loved these for months and need a new pair!) | yoga mat (mine is 6 years old but this is similar…the ones with alignment lines are my favorite for yoga) | headphones (not pictured but I’ve had this pair for years and they’re amazing for running and sweaty activities)

It’s hard to believe that I’m 8 weeks postpartum today!  My body feels like it’s really starting to get back in shape even though I seem to have stalled in the weight loss department.  I’m still wearing maternity shorts but they’re getting loser which makes me hopeful that I’ll fit into some of my larger non-maternity shorts in the not so distant future.

One thing that has made workouts (and a real schedule, in general) is that my husband has been working 12 hour night shifts this past month.  On his days off I’ve been able to run, but on the days he works it’s pretty impossible to get a run in.  He gets home around 5:45 AM and then goes to bed, and by the time he wakes up it’s often too hot to run.  He has to head back into work shortly after 4 PM so I can’t run once it’s cooled down either.  I don’t want to rush the newborn phase but I am really looking forward to Caroline being big enough for the jogging stroller.  We bought a used double BOB and can’t wait to use it!  Not that I’m even ready to run with a stroller yet, but I know my workouts will be much more flexible once we’re all ready for it.  


height: 5’5″ | weight before baby: 127 pounds | current weight: ~141 pounds

Here are the workouts I did this past week at 7 weeks postpartum:

Monday, 10/23/17.  2 mile run in 19:51.  This was 2 minutes faster than my first run just 8 days ago (see last week’s post here) and I didn’t stop at all.  It really is all about baby steps, y’all!    

Tuesday, 10/24/17.  3 mile run in 29:22.  Longest run so far, I didn’t stop at all, and I ran each mile under a 10 minute pace.  I really had to push myself to keep up that pace so it was pretty tough, but I felt so good afterward.  About 90 minutes later I walked a mile with both babies in the stroller and went to our mommy and me workout class.  At class I did some sprints (definitely don’t have my speed back and I felt like I was going to pee my pants!) and some other things.  Caroline got fussy about half way through so I had to feed her and then did some of the exercises while holding her.  Walked a mile back home.

Wednesday, 10/25/17.  No real workout but we walked about 2.5 miles as a family.

Thursday, 10/26/17.  Walked a mile to the mommy and me workout class pushing Caroline in the stroller (Jack was on a run with Tom).  I did my first ab workout since having a baby and took it easy because I know my muscles are still moving back together.  Did some other non-weight exercises like lunges, leg kicks, lots of jumping, etc. and then Caroline got hungry.  Walked a mile home.

Friday, 10/27/17.  4 mile run in 42:40.  I really didn’t feel like running fast so just decided to try to get to 4 miles without stopping.  I felt pretty good and it was a beautiful day, it was still a struggle though because my body just doesn’t have the endurance anymore.  I had to stop twice to use the restroom but other than that I didn’t stop.

Saturday, 10/28/17.  3 mile walk with Jack and Caroline in the stroller.  Both melted down at the same time which was super stressful, especially with so many tourists around.  Once I fed Caroline she calmed down and I walked home very quickly.

Sunday, 10/29/17.  I used the Nike Training Club app to help me get back in shape after having Jack, and this was my first NTC workout since March.  The app is free and really great, and they’ve revamped it since I used it last.  I did the “360 Degrees Stronger” workout (30 minutes long) and the “Abs & Arms” workout (12 minutes long).  I modified a few of the exercises because I was short on space and had to take quite a lot of breaks to keep Jack occupied, but it felt good to work up a sweat. 

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  1. November 1, 2017 / 10:20 pm

    It's amazing how fast the time goes by after baby! You're doing great!

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