DIY Vanity Stool Reupholstery

I bought this vintage gold metal faux bamboo vanity stool a few years ago and just recently got around to recovering it.  Up until now I just threw a sheepskin rug over it and hid it in a room that we rarely used.  The upholstery was in good condition but it was just kind of “blah” so I wanted something more fun.  Here is a “before” photo:

For the first time ever I have a designated vanity in our bedroom so I decided to go with a fabric that I bought a few years ago that I’d been saving for a special project.  The fabric is called Aurora Ikat Multi and it was a bit of a splurge, which is why I hadn’t used it yet.

I was pretty lazy for this project and all I did was remove the seat from the frame and staple the new fabric over the old fabric with a staple gun.  I just didn’t feel like removing the old fabric and foam (I was 36 weeks pregnant when I did this so that’s my excuse for cutting corners), but it seems to have turned out just fine.  Once I stapled on the new fabric I attached the seat back to the frame…et voila!  I don’t know why it took me forever to tackle this project, but I’m so glad I finally decided to do it.  I’ll share my vanity area in a post soon!

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