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It’s well into July already and I’m finally publishing a post I started back in June.  I blame the move but it’s probably just a lack of focus.  Anyway, today I’ve rounded up some of my recent purchases, as well as a few things I have my eye on.  Are any of these things on your wish list too?

Salt Water Sandals:  I bought baby girl a few pairs of these at Moorefield’s in Kansas City for a steal of a price, and now I’m realizing that they look great on women too.  (They are made to get wet which is perfect for life in Hawaii.)  I hear the sizing is the same as the Native shoes situation I discuss below so I’m going to try to buy a kids’ size (to save money) and see if they work.  I’ll keep you posted.  

Palm Print Water Bottle:  I’m probably late to the game on this one, but I bought a S’well bottle a while ago and I’m officially obsessed.  I held out for a long time mostly because they are rather expensive and aren’t dishwasher safe, but now I don’t think I’ll ever use another water bottle that isn’t double insulated.  It doesn’t “sweat” at all (meaning if you put it in your bag it won’t get everything wet as condensation builds up…I HATE that) and it really does keep your drink cold for 24 hours.  I even used it as a coffee thermos when I had Reserve duty before we left Kansas and it can keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  (Although cleaning it afterwards is kind of annoying.  Anthropologie also has some double insulated bottles that aren’t the S’well brand.  I bought this one because it was on sale for $19.95…it works just as well and is really pretty too. 

Pajama Set:  I just bought these PJs because I love a nice, soft pajama set.  These are super soft and are only $19.99.  I prefer button down tops because they are good for nursing and I know I’ll be doing a lot of that pretty soon.

Pink Baseball Cap:  I wear baseball hats almost every time I go outside to protect my face from the sun.  I have a tendency to get melasma when I’m pregnant so baseball caps and sunscreen help keep me from getting crazy spotty.  I bought this hat in this rose color as well as the blush color and they go with pretty much everything since they’re simple and have no logos.  They fit really well too.

Stripes and Clementine Swimsuit
:  I have another friend who has this swimsuit from Albion Fit and it’s just so cute that I decided to order it too.  I’ve developed more stretch marks on my lower belly this pregnancy so I’m all about cute one-pieces now (although yes, I will still wear a bikini even with the stretch marks).  I can’t wait to get this in the mail!

Platform Espadrilles
:  I’ve seen these on a few people on Instagram and they look super cute.  Espadrilles never go out of style and the darker color will be great for transitioning to fall.

Native Shoes:  Earlier this spring I bought Jack a pair of knock-off Native Shoes from Target and a pair from Old Navy.  While cute, they got soooo stinky.  He outgrew the Target pair quickly, but still wears the Old Navy pair often.  I bought a real pair of Natives for him a few weeks ago though because I got them for an amazing price at the discount store I recently discovered in Kansas City.  (It’s called Moorefield’s and the one in Independence, MO is AMAZING…and if you follow me on Instagram you know what I’m talking about because I couldn’t help but share the haul I ended up with.)  Jack has a pair of these chartreuse glow in the dark ones (that I’ve gotten asked a lot about since he started wearing them) and he wears them pretty much every day.  They are a great alternative to Crocs (and about a million times cuter), and are perfect for summer days and splashing in the water.  His look so cute that I just bought a pair for myself.  And guess what, I just found out that kids’ sizes are actually on the same scale as men’s sizes, so if you’re a women’s 8 you can wear a size 6 in most kids’ shoes (if they’re on the same scale).  I bought a pair of the navy blue Jeffersons at Nordstrom in a size “J6” and they fit my size 8 feet perfectly, although I think my right foot is a little wider because I’m pregnant right now and have been walking a lot.  Hopefully it goes back to normal eventually.

Palm Print Swimsuit:  This one-piece from Albion Fit is so gorgeous.  A friend of mine has it and I saw a photo of her in it and had to find out where she bought it.  She says the fit and quality is amazing.  I just ordered it and can’t wait to try it out.  The back is lace-up so it says you can adjust it to wear it while you’re pregnant.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. July 21, 2017 / 5:58 am

    That swimsuit is adorable! I'm not a fan of prints but I love it.

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