Strawberry Fields Forever

dress: PinkBlush Maternity (c/o) | sandals

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous so Tom, Jack and I decided to explore the local Leavenworth area a bit.  I had heard about strawberry picking at Schwinn Produce Farm, so we decided to try that out.  Jack is super picky right now and won’t really eat fruit, so I thought that maybe if he got to pick it himself he would try a strawberry.  I was wrong, but he was a very enthusiastic picker.  He didn’t discriminate at all and went for unripened strawberries, rotten strawberries, and occasionally he even got a ripe one.  It was funny seeing how into it he was.  We did our best to only let him pick the good ones, but toddlers are so stinking quick and we weren’t totally successful.

Schwinn Farms is also a wedding venue and they have a beautiful barn that we explored a bit too.  I imagine it being a really great spot if you decide to get married around here. 

After strawberry picking I really wanted some ice cream, so I searched “ice cream” in Google Maps and saw that the Creamery at Green Dirt Farm got 5 stars, so that’s where we headed.  It’s in Weston, MO which isn’t too far away.  It’s a small little sheep farm and they make cheese, ice cream and have a restaurant/grocery store/wine tasting room that is open a few days a week.  It was a charming spot and the ice cream was great!  I got a really interested flavor that had sheep cheese and raspberries in it.  I had it cut with vanilla though because the sheep cheese flavor was pretty intense.  It was really good and Jack even liked it!  Tom got chocolate ice cream, which was tasty too.

On our outing I wore this simple coral dress that PinkBlush Maternity sent me.  (The have the best maternity clothes!  Lots of on-trend options at a great price.)  It’s comfy but also really cute, so I’m a big fan of it right now.  It has sides that are slightly ruched at the belly (I don’t like the ones that are ruched all the way down to the hem) and it’s the prettiest heathered coral/pink color.  As you can see here, it’s super easy to dress down with some simple sandals, but it’s also easy to dress up if you add a pretty necklace and some wedges.  I really like the length because it’s not too short, which is important when you’re chasing a toddler around a strawberry field.  Bending over in a too-short dress is the worst! 

Last time around I didn’t buy any maternity underwear (because I’m cheap and didn’t see the point), but this pregnancy I bought a pair of “secret fit shaping panties” from Motherhood Maternity to wear under my bridesmaid dress for brother’s wedding.  They are very comfortable and make everything look a bit “smoother” so I’ve taken to wearing them pretty much every time I wear a fitted dress.  I hate a visible panty line, so these things are amazing!  For size reference, I’m wearing the S/M.  

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  1. May 12, 2017 / 2:17 am

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to mark this as a place we need to visit when we move there. ­čÖé

  2. May 12, 2017 / 2:23 am

    It's so close by you've got to go! And the sunflower field at Grinter Farm is a must as well, in the late summer/early fall. Not sure if you saw that blog post but if you search "sunflowers" on my blog you'll find it. It's definitely a must see!!

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