Jackson’s 11 Month Update

Jack is 11 months old and he lives life with exuberance!  He on the go constantly and is right on the verge of walking.  He’ll take a few steps at a time and he scoots along furniture and walls like a pro.  He’ll surely be walking before he turns one.  

This past month I went to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin for a week of Army Reserve training and it was really difficult to be away from Jack.  Thankfully my mom flew in to help with him, but the absence was a bit tough on all of us.  I pumped the whole time I was gone and thankfully he was willing to continue nursing once I got back.  He’s really busy and impatient though so I have a feeling he’s working on self weaning.  My goal was to breastfeed for a year so I hope he doesn’t quit on me before we reach that milestone.  Regardless, it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience and I’m thankful we’ve been able to do it for this long.

Jack STILL has no teeth.  No sign of them either.  I really hope he has some in there.  I’m sure they’ll make their appearance soon, but we are starting to get a little impatient.  Jack wants to eat everything and he gets frustrated when we won’t let him try a cracker or crunchy things like apples.

Jack’s personality is such a fun one.  He has a happy disposition and he has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh all the time.  He soaks everything in like a sponge and is already learning how to problem solve.  I haven’t weighed or measured him lately but I joke and say that carrying him is like carrying a wiggly 25 pound medicine ball.  It’s exhausting but such a good arm workout!

He loves opening drawers, peeking out the front glass door, music, crawling around the playground, throwing cups and balls and watching how they roll, bath time, climbing the stairs (scary!), going on runs (riding in the BOB stroller), and hiding under the dining table.  He’s still crazy about eating and has the most impressive appetite.

These past 11 months have been the best 11 months of my life and being a mom to this sweet baby boy is more fulfilling than I ever could have dream it would be.  Jackson Vail, you are so loved!  

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