Dining Room Reveal and Subtle Halloween Decorating

Happy Thursday everyone!  At long last I finally have a dining room reveal for y’all!  We’ve lived in this 115 year old historic house for 3 months and I can’t believe I am just now sharing pics here on the blog.  I’ve shared quite a few glimpses of it on Instagram but I just hadn’t gotten around to taking photos with my camera to share with you all here.  

Speaking of cameras, I just bought a new one yesterday because my old one was ruined when I spilled a bottle of water in my purse.  (So dumb, I know.)  I was bummed at first, and then I immediately became overwhelmed because I had no clue what type of camera to buy.  Camera shopping is intimidating especially when you’re a novice and want to upgrade to a better camera.  I guess it was a sign that it was time to finally upgrade to a DSLR camera!  I’ll likely do a blog post on the topic later, but the camera I ended up buying was the Canon EOS Rebel T5.  I bought the Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens as well and I’m absolutely in love!  The camera is a great beginner-level DSLR and I’m already taking better photos than I ever have before.  More on that later…

…and back to the dining room!  As you can see, I’ve decorated the dining room for Halloween…but ever so subtly.  I love to go over the top for Christmas but with Halloween I keep it a little more low key.  I added some grocery store greenery and pumpkins to the mantel, and I plan on leaving this up once Halloween is over because it will transition well for Thanksgiving. The bat and pompom garland is from the Target Dollar Spot and it’s a fun little addition.  The fireplace is non-working so I bought a bunch of different-sized pillar candles from IKEA and put them in there.  Jack likes to try to fish them out so I always have to keep an eye on him…I should probably just remove them to save myself some trouble, but I love how they look!

My favorite part of the room is the plate gallery wall.  This is such a massive wall and I left it blank for the longest time because I had no clue what to put on it.  It needed to be large, but I didn’t have any artwork that size and I didn’t want to do a traditional gallery wall.  I don’t know why it took me so long to come up with the idea of a plate gallery wall, but I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out.  Y’all know I love me some blue and white.  I took step by step photos of my plate hanging process and I’ll share a more in-depth blog post on that soon.  

The buffet table was a recent antique store find.  It has some patina to it, which I love, and it’s now one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house.  My mom owns a table that is very similar and I’ve always loved it…so I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon this one.  I got it for a great price too, which was the cherry on top ūüôā

I placed a tray on the table so that I could set up a bar area, and I Halloween-ed it up by putting all my wine glass charms in a little ghost bowl I bought a few years ago.  Oh and the Pumpkin & Spice candle is from Target and it smells heavenly!  Plus it’ll make a cute bowl once the candle is all burned up.

The garden stool is from an antique store, but I found a similar one here.  Doesn’t it look festive with the pumpkins plopped on it?  We’ll see how long they last before Jack gets to them…

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the “tour” or our dining room!  I plan on sharing more home photos over the next few weeks because I finally have a camera that can take good photos in low light!  We are in a duplex and just don’t get great natural light.  Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!

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  1. November 2, 2016 / 2:11 am

    Your dining room looks very beautiful! I love that idea of a plate gallery wall, it is so pretty and the look is stylish with same color plates.

  2. November 2, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    Thank you very much, Sannu! It was fun putting together the plate gallery wall and I love how it turned out. I'm not normally into plates on walls and I think the "gallery wall" style made it look a but more current. Thanks so much for reading!

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