Diaper Bag Must Haves

Shorts: J.Crew Factory / Sweater: J.Crew (similar) / Shoes: J.Crew Factory / Bag: (c/o) Hobo Bags

As a new mom I learned very quickly that you can’t go anywhere without your diaper bag.  Babies may be small but they really do require lots of equipment.  Because your diaper bag is always with you, it must be well-stocked, large, and last but not least stylish.  Enter the Sheila Hobo Bag!  While this isn’t technically a diaper bag, it fits all the requirements because it has lots of pockets and can fit all the baby gear you need.  I like to switch my bags up rather than sticking with just one “real” diaper bag, and I love having this one in the rotation.

Now that you’ve seen one of my favorite diaper bags, here is what I always have on me when Jack and I go out and about:

1.  Sheila Hobo Bag.  (c/o) This bag is great and has lots of pockets which helps keep everything organized!

2.  Spare Outfit for Jack.  You know babies and blowouts…you always need to be prepared because you never know when one will happen.  I normally carry a romper so that there is only extra piece I’m toting around everywhere.  This cute one was a gift and it’s from Winter Water Factory.

3.  Light Outer Layer for Jack.  I always carry a light outer layer in case it gets chilly outside or we go into a store that has its air conditioner going.  My go-to has become a chambray button down because it goes with all of Jack’s pants that have stripes or patterns on them.  (Similar ones here and here.)

4.  iPhone 6s.  Naturally, I always have my phone on me in case Jack does something cute that I need to take a picture of ­čÖé

5.  Baby Wrap.  I always have a wrap with me in case Jack gets fussy.  I normally do all of my shopping with him in a wrap because I like being able to move quickly and have my hands free.  This one is a Solly Baby Wrap but I also really love the Baby K’tan.

6.  Lamaze Pirate Toy.  This plush toy is super cheesy looking but Jack is obsessed with it.  It’s soft, the jacket and feet crinkle, it rattles, and it’s nice and colorful which keeps his interest.  Plus there are lots of different pieces to chew on.  He loves to play with it when he’s in the carseat or stroller.

7.  A Snack for Myself.  I’m pretty much always hungry so snacks are a must.  Walnuts, almonds, crasins, cereal bars, string cheese, apples, and pears are my go-tos.

8.  Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.  I’ve had this scarf for almost 5 years and it has become my favorite non-baby baby item ever.  It’s one large rectangular piece of stretchy and soft fabric that has snaps on the ends so you can turn it into an infinity scarf.  I use it as a blanket to keep Jack warm, a blanket so we can sit on the ground, a nursing cover, a scarf for myself, and a carseat cover when it’s sunny or cold outside (or when Jack is sleeping).  It’s the most versatile thing I own!

9.  Diapers and Wipes.  I normally keep these in a clear ziplock bag.  Fancy, right?  I like to keep them in a bag so that they are always together and also so I can easily see if I’m running low on diapers.  I know I’m supposed to say I use Honest Company diapers and wipes because they are cute…but they are expensive so we use whatever is on sale.  Right now we are using Pampers Diapers and they seem to work well.  The wipes are Sam’s Club wipes that we bought in bulk.  Not as soft as Pamper’s wipes but they still work well.

10.  Wallet.  When I buy a wallet I expect it to last a long time.  This Kate Spade one has been used non-stop for 2 years and it still looks brand new.  I prefer a leather wallet in a dark color because they are durable and you can’t tell if they get dirty.  (My wallet is no longer available but here is a similar one.)

11.  Extra Pacifier.  Jack isn’t a total pacifier addict but he really does love the darn thing.  We use Philips Avent Freeflow Pacifiers.  They seem to stay in his mouth better than soothies and Nuks.  We use a pacifier clip so I don’t have to break out the spare all that often, but I always carry one just in case.  These come with a little sanitary cover which is nice.

12.  Nursing Pads.  Not gonna lie…I leak when my milk lets down.  Now that my boobs are pretty regulated I don’t have spontaneous letdowns anymore, but if I nurse Jack on the go I always slip a nursing pad into my bra on the unoccupied side in order to prevent a leaky mess.  I used the Medela and Lansinoh pads at first but now I just use the Target brand nursing pads and they work just as well (and are cheaper).  I tried the reusable pads but I didn’t find them very effective.

13.  Bandana Bib.  Jack has started teething although he doesn’t have any teeth yet.  He doesn’t drool a whole lot right now, but I always carry a bib just in case.  I like the little bandana bibs because I think they’re cuter and a little trendier than normal bibs.  I bought a pack of 3 from H&M and they work great and were very affordable.

14.  Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser and Bags.  These bags have saved my life more than once.  They are good for dirty diapers if you can’t get to a trash can, but I’ve ended up using them more often when Jack has a blowout and I need a place to put the dirty outfit.  These bags are great and I love the handy little dispenser.

15.  Burp Cloth.  Jack doesn’t really spit up much anymore (hallelujah!) but these still get a lot of use.  Great for wiping up drool, preventing a leak if I forget a nursing pad (yes, I’ve been known to shove them in my bra more than once), and for the occasional spit up.

16.  Hand Sanitizer.  Great for cleaning your hands after changing a diaper if you can’t wash your hands immediately.

17.  Lip Balm.  I hate having dry lips so I always have Vaseline, Burt’s Bees or Aquaphor in my bag.

18.  Sunglasses for Myself.  I always have sunglasses with me.  This is my most favorite pair ever and I’ve had them for over 4 years and I still haven’t lost them which is pretty much a miracle in my book.  They are Ray-Ban Wayfarers and they are black and brown so they go with everything.  (Similar here.)

19.  Sunglasses for Jack.  I saw these adorable tortoise shell wayfarer-style sunglasses at Carter’s and had to get them for Jack.  Surprisingly he doesn’t mind wearing them.

20.  Water.  As a breastfeeding mom I’m thirsty ALL THE TIME.  I always have a water bottle with me so that I stay hydrated.  This is an old glass lululemon water bottle but you can find a similar one here and here.

Not Pictured:  Reusable changing pad.  I always use one in public restrooms because you never know what is on the changing table…

Head on over to City Peach, Inspired By…, The HHS Feed, and Tiffany Style to see how these stylish ladies use their Sheila Hobo Bags and to see their diaper bag essentials!  Oh and be sure to check Instagram at 7PM EST to find out how you can win a Sheila Hobo Bag of your own!  

Thanks to Hobo Bag for providing me with this wonderful bag!  I only collaborate with companies and products I truly love.

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  1. April 18, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    I no longer carry a diaper bag, but I still read through and I have to say the Vinyasa scarf is the best. I have a couple and I use them all the time. Great for travel year round!! And I was all about a diaper bag that wasn't a diaper bag!

  2. Anonymous
    April 21, 2016 / 9:40 pm

    This post totally inspired me to buy those shorts. They look so cute on you!!

  3. April 21, 2016 / 9:41 pm

    Vinyasa scarves are the best! I love traveling with mine too. I really need another one because now that I use it with Jack I end up washing it almost every other day!

  4. April 21, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    Thank you so much! J.Crew shorts are my favorite and these are so comfy. Hope you love them as much as I do!

  5. Anonymous
    May 3, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    Well shoot…I'm no longer in the diaper bag season (baby is 3yrs now) but I read this and immediately went to the Lulu site for a scarf! Just ordered my first. I hope its as awesome as you say.

  6. May 3, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    Oh yay! I really hope you like it! You'll have to let me know what you think. I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of mine and I love it/use it so often that I dropped a not so subtle hint to my husband that I'd like another one for Mother's Day. Thanks for reading!

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