Adventures in Babywearing

Exploring West Point in a Solly Baby Wrap.

If you are a new mom and you are not a babywearer, then you are definitely missing out.  Tom was skeptical of the whole thing and thought it was just a crunchy, hippy thing that I had gotten sucked into, but quickly became a convert.  Here’s why:

You have your hands free!  Whenever Jack needs attention but I need to get stuff done, I put him in a wrap.  That way he’s happy because I can attend to him easily and I can also fix dinner, tidy up, fold laundry, etc.  It really is the best.

It calms your baby down.  Whenever Jack gets fussy I put him in the wrap.  It really is like magic.  Early on, the “witching hour” for Jack was between 5 PM and bedtime (7:00 PM), so I pretty much end up wearing him that entire time.  If he gets fussy I just pick him right up and put him in the wrap and he calms down immediately.  I’m truly amazed at how effective it is.  Even if you snuggle your baby and try to hold them tight, you still don’t get the same result.  Trust me.  Tom was very reluctant and really didn’t want to even entertain the idea of babywearing, but now he wears Jack almost every time I leave the two of them alone. 

Jack’s first trip to Whole Foods in a Solly Baby Wrap.

Shopping isn’t quite so stressful.  I’ve tried shopping while pushing Jack in the stroller and shopping with him in a Binxy shopping cart hammock (which is genius, by the way), but nothing works as effectively as babywearing.  It really is stressful trying to grocery shop when your child is crying or right on the verge of a melt down, and when this happens I inevitably end up forgetting at least 5 key things that I really needed, even if they are on my list.  When I shop with Jack in a wrap or the Ergo though, he sleeps peacefully while I feel like a super mom who has mastered life.  (I feel that way temporarily…I’m knocked back down pretty quickly once we get home and I get spit up or peed on).

Walking on the beach with Jack in the Baby K’Tan.

Snuggles!  It really is the sweetest thing to look down and see your baby content and snuggled up against you.  It makes my heart melt every time, and I’ve taken an embarrassing number of selfies while wearing him because his little face just looks so cute snuggled up to my chest.

Hiking with Jack in the Ergo Baby Carrier.

A curious baby can see the world.  Jack often falls asleep while I’m wearing him, but he also likes to turn his body so that he can see what’s going on.  He is a very curious baby who doesn’t like missing out on anything, so this is a great way for him to see new things.  We play in front of the mirror, we look at the art on the wall, we talk about what I’m fixing for dinner…it really is great and even though he’s young I like to think that he’s learning and soaking it all in.

Ok so now that I’ve shared why I like baby wearing, here are the carriers and wraps I love and use almost daily:

Solly Baby Wrap.  These wraps are great because you can adjust them to fit your body and your child.  Plus they come in many different colors and patterns!  I wear this one if we are just running one errand or going to the mall.  You just have to be sure that the straps aren’t twisted! 

Baby K’Tan.  My cousin gave me this as a gift and it has become my go to way of wearing Jack.  It’s similar to the Solly Wrap once its on, but rather than one long piece of fabric it’s made of 2 loops of fabric and then a separate sash.  It isn’t one size fits all though, so you have to make sure you get the right size.  I wear a medium, although I’m sure a small would work too.  I use this one when Jack is having a meltdown and time is of the essence.  It’s also great for running errands.  I tried to put the Solly Wrap on in a parking lot one time and didn’t like how I was unable to prevent the long fabric from touching the ground while I was tying it.  The Baby K’Tan isn’t as “hip” or as pretty as the Solly Wraps, but it’s much quicker because there isn’t anything to tie.  I think its amazing and it has become a quick favorite! 

Ergo Baby Carrier.  This carrier is great for going on walks and hikes.  It’s more supportive than the other two wraps.  Tom wears this one often because he says the Solly Wrap is too complicated.

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  1. April 11, 2016 / 5:00 pm

    We have the Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier and it is so comfortable for my husband and I to wear our baby. Unfortunately, we didn't get it until our little one was almost four months old, and I think she would have really loved it at the beginning. She does okay in the carrier now (at almost six months), but she doesn't love it as much as Jack loves his carriers! Still, when they work, it's great!

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