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Happy February friends!  This past week was so much better than the week before.  I still felt under the weather on Monday, but on Wednesday I had renewed energy which lead to more motivation and better workouts.  Hooray!

Jack will be 3 months old tomorrow, and he is growing way too quickly.  I love seeing his world slowly grow as he takes notice of new things, but I can’t help but miss that tiny little baby who made me a momma back in November.  These 3 months have flown by!  My goal was to be back to my pre-baby weight by 3 months postpartum, but I still have 5 or 6 pounds to go.  I’m going to blame this on the weather, because I always put a little weight on as insulation during the winter months.  I know I need to clean up my diet a little bit (darn those cookies and ice cream!), but I know that if I just stick with it I’ll be back to normal in no time.  Slow and steady really does win the race!  This will be my last workout recap, unless there is some interest in me continuing to post my exercise regimen (so please let me know if you’d like this to continue of if you find it helpful in any way).

12 weeks postpartum.  Still have some work to do on my belly and thighs, but I’m getting there!

Here are the workouts I did this past week:

Wednesday, 1/27/16.  30 minute “Extreme Full Body” Nike Training Club workout.  There were lots of burpees in this workout and I’m not a burpee fan, but it was a great full body workout nonetheless. Jack sat in his swing and was well behaved until the end.  I also took Jack for a walk in the stroller, but most of the sidewalks were still full of snow.  We walked small loops around the block and managed to get 1.5 miles in, and then we went to the mall and walked and window shopped for another hour.

Thursday, 1/28/16.  7.03 mile treadmill run in 1 hour.  I ran while Jack sat beside the treadmill in the stroller.  I felt strong and quick!  After the first mile went by really quickly I decided that I’d gut out an hour on the treadmill and wanted to run 7 miles in that time (an 8:34 pace).  I’m so glad I was able to accomplish this, because it’s the fastest I’ve run that distance in almost a year!

Friday, 1/29/16.  30 minute “The Edge” Nike Training Club workout.  This may be my favorite NTC workout so far.  It was great!  None of the exercises are done more than once, and it was a fantastic full body workout that I was sore from even 2 days later.  I used 5 pound dumbbells and a 10 pound medicine ball.

Saturday, 1/30/16.  5.1 mile run in 48 minutes.  The only time I get the chance to run outside is on the weekends when Tom can watch Jack, so I made sure to get outside even though it was really cold.  It wasn’t a quick run but it still felt nice to move my body.  Sore from my workout on Friday.

Sunday, 1/31/16.  1 hour vinyasa yoga class at Lululemon.  They offer a free yoga class every Sunday, so I plan on taking advantage of this because my body and mind feel so much better if I practice yoga once a week.  Running makes my hip really tight, so yoga helps loosen it up.  I also took Jack for a 4 mile walk in the stroller.  It was a gorgeous day and it felt nice to get outside.

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  1. February 2, 2016 / 3:54 pm

    I really enjoy reading your weekly workout recaps – I find them inspiring and motivating! They help me to keep moving as I progress in my pregnancy, and will help in the period afterwards. Would love if you keep sharing them!

  2. March 4, 2016 / 2:54 pm

    Thank you Aine! I plan to continue posting on Instagram (and here occasionally) about workouts, so please keep following along! I hope your pregnancy is going well, isn't it the most amazing journey?

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