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Lack of motivation and too many cookies.  That about sums up this past week.  I didn’t work out very much, and the workouts I did do were half hearted.  I also ate a lot of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  So good but so dangerous!  I’d like to blame the blizzard, but I felt this way before the snow even started to fall.  What do you all do when your energy is lacking and you don’t feel like working out?  I try to force myself to do something (with the hope that I’ll end up doing more than I initially planned), but unfortunately that often doesn’t work.  Especially when it’s below freezing and snowing outside.  I really just can’t handle the treadmill day after day.  It’s so much easier to stay motivated in the summer when it’s nice and pretty outside!  I seem to have hit a plateau weight-wise, and I’m still 7 to 8 pounds from my pre-baby weight.  I could care less about the number on the scale, I just want my dang pants to fit without creating a muffin top!   

11 weeks postpartum.

Here are the few workouts I did this past week:

Wednesday, 1/20/16.  2 mile treadmill walk in 40 minutes.  I walked with the treadmill incline set at 10 to make it more difficult.  I just did not feel like running!  Then I did 9 minutes of squats, lunges, and dumbbell curls while wearing Jack in the Ergo baby carrier (photo above).  Not a great workout but at least it was something.

Friday, 1/22/16.  4 mile treadmill run in 35 minutes.  Jack was in the stroller and was good the whole time.  I was very low on energy but was glad I slugged out a few miles anyway.  Followed up with the 15 minute “Vinyasa Rush Studio” Nike Training Club workout.

Saturday, 1/23/16.  3 mile treadmill run in 25 minutes.  Reallllly didn’t feel like running but I knew I needed to move.  Should have run longer but I couldn’t get myself to do it.  Followed up with 15 minutes of weight lifting on the weight machines (leg curls, leg extensions, leg press, and an arm machine).  

Hopefully this next week will be better!  We got 2 feet of snow so I have a feeling walks will be difficult with a stroller.  Spring cannot come soon enough!

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  1. January 26, 2016 / 8:49 am

    You are doing great and are such an inspiration! I'm slightly three months postpartum, and I'm finding it so hard to get motivated. You would think getting back into my old clothes would be enough, but I think the sleep deprivation and the constant care of a newborn makes it hard. Congratulations on your workouts this week and you are looking amazing!

  2. January 26, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    Hehehe ­čÖé I made myself a 3 pound blizzard baby by eating out of boredom, and kidding myself about how many calories I burned walking around and shoveling! I'm so glad the sun is out and the streets are mostly clear now!

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