The Minimalist’s Guide to Maternity Clothes

I was a bit of a minimalist when it came to maternity clothes.  I fully embraced them because they were way more comfortable than normal clothes, but I simply didn’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes I’d only wear for a few months.  I was lucky because most of my pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimesters) was during the summer and early fall, so I was able to wear simple shorts and tank tops almost every day.  As the weather got colder I transitioned to a few pairs of pants and leggings and threw a non-maternity cardigan over my maternity tank tops.  I ended up creating a bit of a “capsule” wardrobe, you might say (since apparently that term is all the rage right now), and only had a few other dresses that were brightly colored or patterned that were for special events.  I also continued to wear my looser and longer non-maternity clothing for as long as I could. 

Here are the maternity clothes that have gotten me through my pregnancy that are sure to help get you through yours.  Just add a few accessories and layer for warmth as needed, and you’re good to go!

White Jean Shorts.  These shorts are from Gap and have an inset/side panel.  I much preferred the inset panels to the full belly panel, even in my third trimester.  I’m sure it’s a personal preference and body shape kind of thing.  I carried really high so I felt that the full belly panels didn’t go quite high enough and they made an awkward and uncomfortable line around the middle of my belly.

Blue Jean Shorts.  I had a cuffed pair of Old Navy jean shorts with the inset/side panels and I wore them almost every day in the summer.  They were extremely comfy.  They aren’t selling the dark wash pair that I had anymore, but this gray pair is really cute.

White Jeans.  I got my white jeans from Gap and I LOVED them.  I wore them all the time and they were really perfect for spring, summer and early fall.  They had the inset panel too, which I loved.  Gap isn’t selling white maternity jeans right now, but this pair in black should fit about the same way that my beloved white jeans did.

Blue Jeans.  This was one of my very first maternity clothes purchases because I was so excited to be pregnant.  I got them at Old Navy and wore them frequently but as I got larger and larger I found that the full panel cut into my belly.  If you carry low these should be great for you.  I had the skinny jean version because I love skinny jeans and didn’t want pregnancy to prevent me from wearing them.

Olive Green Slim-Fit Pants.  I got these in the middle of summer at H&M and they were on sale for $15 because they must have been from the previous season.  The MAMA Slim-fit Pants are great and very cute.  They aren’t selling an olive green version right now, but the blue and black pairs are adorable.

2 Cotton Tank Dresses.  I got these at Target and wore them often in the summer and continued wearing them in the fall with a cardigan on top.  This is the fall version of the same dress (it has 3/4 sleeves) and it looks super comfy.

6 Cotton Tank Tops.   I purchased white/blue striped, white, and black tanks from H&M.  They are form fitting and a little stretchy with no ruching.  I loved these, especially during my second trimester which was during the summertime.  I purchased gray, gray/white striped, and white tanks from Gap.  I really like the Pure Body line from Gap.  They are cotton, are very comfortable and they are  flattering with the ruching on the side.  I wore these all summer and continued wearing them in the fall because they are a bit longer and are good for layering.

1 White T-Shirt.  It’s from the Pure Body line at Gap and has ruching on the side which is nice.

Striped Blue and White Sweater.   This sweater from H&M is really comfortable and I like the nautical look to it.  I’m a sucker for stripes so this was one of my favorite maternity pieces.

Flowy Button Down Tunic.  I had a light blue sleeveless button down tunic from H&M, but I think this chambray one would be adorable for fall and winter.

Flowy Patterned Dress.  I purchased a flowy patterned dress from H&M and this was great for when I didn’t want to wear anything that was too body hugging.  Mine was navy with white feathers on it, but it’s the exact same cut as this cute geometric one

Nude Support Cami.  This was from Gap and I would wear it under shirts that were on the sheer side, or if I needed some length under a shorter top once my belly got really big.  It also was a good way to flatten my belly button a little when I didn’t want it to be as protrusive…mine popped really early so I just decided to embrace it and didn’t ever really try to hide it.  Such an odd part of pregnancy!

Stretchy White Cami.  As with the nude cami, I wore this under sheer or too-short shirts.  Mine was from Target and it fit me best in my 3rd trimester once I filled out a bit.

I did buy a few things at Motherhood Maternity but I found that the leggings and dresses were see-through, the maxi skirts and maxi dresses make me look weird, and even the small tank tops were too big.  I haven’t really worn any of these items so skip Motherhood and head to Gap, H&M, Old Navy or Target instead.  Trust me.  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. November 4, 2015 / 8:57 pm

    This comes at precisely the perfect time for me! Thanks for sharing!

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