Maternity Workout Attire Favorites

During my pregnancy I had quite a few questions on Instagram about what I wore for workout attire.  I tried to sweat at least 5 times a week throughout my pregnancy, so having comfortable workout clothes was extremely important to me.  It was also important to me to spend as little money as possible on maternity clothes, so I tried to stretch my normal wardrobe as much as I could.  Thankfully, I had lots and lots (and lots) of workout clothes already, so once I figured out what was long enough and what would stretch well (without stretching it out) I just stuck to those key pieces.  All of those pieces happen to be lululemon.  

I’ll be honest…I fell in love with lululemon back in 2011 after my late husband was killed in Afghanistan.  He was killed in June, and I came back from Afghanistan as soon as it happened.  I spent about 2 months at home with my family, and then I finally went back to Hawaii, which was where I had been assigned before deploying.  I was completely lonely and heartbroken, so I signed up for my first marathon and ran all the time for therapy.  When that wasn’t enough I’d go to the mall and buy workout clothes at lululemon.  Retail therapy is never really a great idea, but it did help me feel a little happier, and now I have a great collection of workout clothes that will probably last me for the next 20 years.  To this day I will not run in anything else.  It’s all a comfort thing, and I’m glad I finally found the brand that won’t give me a single wedgie over the course of a 26.2 miles.  It’s pricy, but their clothes last forever and fit well.  All of that being said…here are the key pieces that have kept me active and fairly cute throughout my pregnancy.  Some of the pieces have changed a bit since I bought them a few years ago, but most of their designs that I love have stayed the same.  When I’m not pregnant I’m normally as size 2 or 4 at J.Crew and other places, but at lululemon I wear a 6.  I’ve kept wearing my size 6 workout clothes and they have held up remarkably well and are still very comfortable.  Probably too comfortable because Tom jokes that all I wear now is workout clothes. 

13 weeks pregnant after running a half marathon.  Wearing a Cool Racerback Tank, Swiftly Tech Half Zip and Pacesetter Skirt (I could only wear the skirt during the first half of my pregnancy). 

23 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank.  Skirt is really old and they don’t sell anything similar right now.  
26 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank.

28 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank under the “Team Del” shirt, and Ebb and Flow Crops.

30 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank. 

32 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank.

34 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank (underneath), top layer made of “rulu” and Ebb and Flow Crops.

36 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank, Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip tied around my waist and Ebb and Flow Crops.

37 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank and Wunder Under Crops (with astro waistband which isn’t made anymore unfortunately).
38 weeks pregnant wearing a Cool Racerback Tank and Ebb and Flow Crops.


I am not very blessed when it comes to cup size.  I don’t mind though because it makes running more comfortable, but even as my breasts have gotten larger with pregnancy I still haven’t bought bigger bras.  I am still wearing the Energy Bra and the Flow Y Bra.


In almost every weekly workout recap post photo (above) I was wearing a Cool Racerback Tank.  They are long and stretchy and have been amazing while pregnant.  I never even wore a belly brace because I felt that these provided enough support…yet they aren’t too tight or constricting.  They are still holding their original shape and I don’t think my big pregnant belly has stretched them out at all.  

As far as top layers go, any of their tops that are long and made of “rulu” will work well.  I have about 4 that have been amazing as the weather has gotten cooler.  I also wore my Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip often.


Ebb and Flow Crops were a life saver, although they don’t make them anymore.  Their current version of these pants is called the In The Flow Crop II.  The Zone In Crop is built in a similar fashion with compressive fabric and a high waist that won’t dig in.  That’s the key to comfort as your belly gets bigger and bigger!  I have found that these are great for running in even though they are technically for yoga.

Wunder Under Crops or Pants that are either the hi-rise or roll down versions are extremely comfortable and they keep your belly supported.  I have 2 pairs that have been great for lower impact workouts like yoga, weight lifting and the elliptical.  They used to make Wunder Unders with a great overlapping 2 piece waistband that they called the “Astro Wunder Unders,” but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore.  If you can get your hands on a pair of used ones (check eBay) though then you should definitely go for it.  I have 2 pairs and have pretty much lived in them while working out and lounging around.

Lounge Shorts

These shorts from H&M are not maternity but I bought them while pregnant and they are very comfortable because of the big fold over waistband.  I ran in them a few times but they are more for yoga or lounging around…I wear them mostly for lounging.  They are only $9.99 too!

I’m sure there are many different brands that have great maternity workout attire.  The items listed above are simply the pieces that have gotten me through these 9+ long months.  I hope it helps and as always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Lizzie
    November 19, 2015 / 5:51 pm

    Lululemon has been by far my best option for wearing during pregnancy and beyond! I'm almost at the end of my 3rd pregnancy in which I wore almost exclusively lulu from start to finish, and I too wore older clothes I already had from my own retail therapy situation. My favorites are the cool racerbacks, swiftly tees, the (sorely missed in recent seasons) astro pants/crops, and the high rise/roll down wunder unders, as well as the tracker shorts. Most of their pants and crops work for me throughout, but at certain points some of the waistband styles cut in my belly at the wrong place. Newer styles that have been comfortable are the Stillness Pant and Align Pant, and if you're pregnant in the winter the Rulu tops work wonderfully. Vinyasa scarves are great nursing covers, carseat covers, and baby blankets too! I have no shame…

    Lulu is a top choice if you're an active mom because you can use the clothes for workouts but also as everyday wear while your shape is changing. Additionally so many of the same things that worked during pregnancy are great for nursing and after delivery you can just wear the same clothes because they don't stretch out. I've found that lulus wash great too so all the stains that befall a new mom don't ruin your favorite, expensive, pretty things!

    And in my case, my lulu clothes have help up well for 3 pregnancies (plus the years I wore them before I was a mom) whereas nearly all of the things I bought from a pea in the pod during my 2nd pregnancy basically lasted one trimester before pilling and falling apart, and they were as expensive as lulu things.

    I can't help you stop wearing "workout clothes" as often because since becoming a mom I'm pretty much all lulu, all the time, but I can say, raising kids is a sweaty, athletic endeavor and if you have a comfortable wardrobe that moves with you throughout the blessed messes of motherhood it will be just a little easier on you :). Enjoy your sweet bundle and thanks for sharing your favorites!!

  2. November 20, 2015 / 7:11 pm

    I know you love lulu, but check out Fabletics if you haven't already! I've been hooked on them for about a year now. I haven't put them through the test of pregnancy, but my original pieces still look brand new! They are perfect for working out and that relaxed, yet put together Athleisure look ­čÖé

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