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It’s the start of a new week, which means it’s time for a fitness recap from this past week.  Did you meet the goals you set for yourself?  Last week I set the goal of running 16 miles, and I managed to surpass that by running 17 miles during the week.  I also went on many beach cruiser bike rides and treaded water a few times.  I don’t normally have the opportunity to swim or bike so conveniently, so this time at the beach has been nice.  Beach cruisers provide much more resistance (and effort) than the high speed road bike I’m used to, so I feel like just a few short rides over these past few weeks has really helped tone my upper thighs.  Treading water is a great exercise too, especially if you don’t want to swim laps.  Just go to the deep end and swim in place for 10 or more minutes.  I like to switch between just using my legs (for 50 or 100 strokes), then just using my arms (for 50 or 100 strokes), and then using arms and legs together.  It makes it more challenging and keeps your mind engaged.

After a run while 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  Bump is really growing!

Below are the workouts I completed this past week, which was my 26th week of pregnancy.  I still feel great, although running more than 4 miles at a time seems to affect me the entire rest of the day now.  I’ve been really hungry too, and I feel like my belly has really popped as well.  I think the baby went through a bit of a growth spurt…or at least I like to tell myself that to make me feel better for being hungry all the time.  

Monday, 7/20.  1.8 mile beach cruiser bike ride in 13 minutes.  Morning bike ride to and from the Olympic pool with mom.  (before and after a run and a swim).  Went fishing on uncle’s boat later that morning so we weren’t able to swim as long as we wanted to.

3 mile run in 31 minutes.  Run through marsh and along bike path.  Felt good until I picked it up and then got round ligament pain/cramps, then had to slow down a little.

10 minutes treading water in the deep end alternating between only arms, only legs, and arms/legs together.

Tuesday, 7/21.  5.55 mile bike ride in 44 minutes.  Early morning bike ride to Ocean Point Pool with mom (and back after running and day at pool).

3.02 mile run in 35 minutes.  Run from Ocean Point Pool along rocky river side of island with mom.  Very hot and sunny!

30 minutes (or more) of treading water in the deep end.  Lost track of time because my mom and I were talking.

Thursday, 7/23.  2 mile beach cruiser bike ride in 17 minutes.  Rode to pool and back.

Friday, 7/24.  5 mile run in 55 minutes.  Morning run to cul-de-sac and back then on the beach.  Looked like a storm was coming in.  Felt great but got round ligament pains during the last 2 miles because I had to go to the bathroom.  Thankful to still be running so strongly.  (Felt sore and slow the rest of the day.  Probably shouldn’t run 5 miles at a time any more.)

6 mile bike ride in 50 minutes.  Late morning bike ride with my cousins and aunt.  Cloudy and looked like rain.  Went across marsh bridge then out to tree houses and dock (an area of the island where the homes look like tree houses).  Watch died half way through so distance may not be entirely accurate.

Saturday, 7/25.  3.01 mile run in 35 minutes.  Late morning run with mom to cul-de-sac and on beach.  Squeezed a quick run in before my brother’s girlfriend’s mom showed up for the weekend.

20 minutes (or more) of treading water in the deep end at the pool.  Lost track of time while swimming and chatting.  

Sunday, 7/26.  3 mile run in 32:19 minutes.  Slow, late morning run in the sunshine to cul-de-sac and back, and then along bike path.  No bathroom breaks needed!  Planned on only doing 2 miles so that I could reach my goal for the week of 16 miles, but decided to keep going for an extra mile.

My goal this week is to run 15 miles and complete 2 Nike Training Club workouts.  I’m at my parent’s home in Georgia now, so biking and swimming aren’t going to happen.  My goals right now aren’t exactly lofty, but I like to set them anyway to keep myself accountable.  

What are your fitness goals this week?  Don’t forget that even squeezing in a 10 minute workout will help your body and your mind feel better.

Have a great week everyone!  As always, please let me know if you have a question or want to chat fitness (or talk about any other topic I often write about)! 

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