6 winter wardrobe essentials

Happy New Year y’all!  As a southern transplant living up here in DC, I am NOT used to this below freezing weather.  I survived four New York winters when I was in college, and that was enough to make me run (ok fly) to Hawaii as quickly as possible without looking back or packing a coat.  This post is inspired by the recent winter storm that dusted my city with snow and left me wondering “how do I keep myself warm, while looking stylish (and not slipping and falling on ice)?”.  Here are a few of my favorite cold weather essentials that will get you through winter (warmly!) while maintaining your need for fashion!

ONE– A fur stole or scarf to keep your neck warm and your outfit chic. This one is from Kate Spade, but I have a great one from J. Crew Factory.
TWO– A cute pair of gloves (these are from C. Wonder).  Tech-friendly fingertips are essential, especially if you are a metro commuter like me and are constantly playing on your phone.
THREE– A long puffer coat with a belt!  The belt is essential to make sure you don’t look boxy.  I have this one from J. Crew and LOVE it.
FOUR– Tights with a fun pattern!  Kate Spade has all sorts of fun tights, as does J. Crew and Target.
FIVE– NARS has the best lip pencils, and some lip color is a great way to make sure you don’t look washed out on a wintry day.  Never Say Never is one of my favorite colors.
SIX– LL Bean Boots are cute yet practical.  They are warm, water resistant, and have grippy bottoms so you won’t slip in the snow!

I’m also loving earmuffs right now (they don’t mess up your hair like a hat does, which is awesome) but couldn’t find a great picture for this post.  What are your favorite ways to stay warm? 

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